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KENKO Mayonnaise inspires customers to create healthy meals

Company exports mayonnaise and dressings products to about 30 countries and seeks to expand business to capture growing global demand

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 April, 2016, 2:58pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 April, 2016, 5:46pm

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Reputed for its mayonnaise and dressings, salads and delicatessens, and processed egg products, KENKO Mayonnaise repositions its strategy to create new markets for its products. To address Asia’s increasing demand for fresh and healthy foods, the company is building up its consumer-facing business, where customers get to see, taste and experience KENKO Mayo’s creations.

“Through our Salad Cafe, we conduct face-to-face sale of our salad products developed in-house and inspire consumers to make healthy, delicious meals,” says managing director Takashi Murata. Found in Japan’s major urban areas, Salad Cafe allows the company to better understand consumer trends and needs for product development. KENKO Mayo is the domestic market leader in long-life salads. Used mostly in restaurants, bakeries and convenience stores, long-life salads stay fresh for up to a month inside sealed packages. In Asia, KENKO Mayo exports long-life salads to Hong Kong and Taiwan.

For its mayonnaise and dressings, KENKO Mayo maintains its No 2 position in Japan. The company brings new twists to international dishes with the world’s salad product series. It also developed the world’s sauces series featuring world-inspired flavours.

The company also enjoys a growing presence in Indonesia, where it sells liquid eggs to bakeries and its mayonnaise brand o-mayo for household use. With a halal-certified facility in Indonesia, KENKO Mayo plans to introduce o-mayo – in sweet and hot variants – to other halal-centred markets such as Malaysia and the Middle East.

KENKO Mayo exports its mayonnaise and dressings products to about 30 countries worldwide and seeks to further expand its export business to capture the growing global demand.

“High quality means more than having great-tasting products. Our products also meet Japanese quality and safety standards,” Murata says. “Our quick response to changing customer preferences ensures our steady progress.”


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