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Toyoko Kagaku’s gas and chemical management underscores safety first

Safety is first and foremost for company that powers industry

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 April, 2016, 3:23pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 April, 2016, 5:46pm

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Powering industries that range from aerospace to renewable energy and health care, industrial gases are seeing unprecedented growth amid burgeoning economies, particularly in Asia. Highly combustible and fragile, however, these gases require skilful, specialised handling that only a few experts in the world – such as Toyoko Kagaku – have mastered.

Toyoko Kagaku’s leadership in industrial gas and chemical distribution for more than half a century is anchored in safety and propelled by ingenuity. Through its total gas and chemical management, the Tokyo-based, family-owned company provides a stable supply of industrial gases ranging from argon to nitrogen, oxygen and speciality gases, and integrated scrubbing, recycling, disaster prevention and environmental measures.

“Safety is our priority – from our own staff to our clients, their customers and end-users,” says Hirohisa Kato, president. “Combining state-of-the-art electronics for safer and reliable automated systems, we also continue to pursue higher standards through innovation.”

Trusted by NEC, Micron, Sony, Renesas, Kyocera, Honda, Denso, Canon and other global industry leaders, Toyoko Kagaku handles the entire process from equipment procurement to installation and gas/chemical supply for start-up. At customers’ request, the company also dispatches resident engineers to ensure 24/7 safety management on-site.

With key markets such as semiconductors and automotive on the upswing, Toyoko Kagaku aims to expand its global network spanning California, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and Shanghai. It seeks to grow its business by as much as 50 per cent on the mainland in particular, by raising its competitiveness and recognition as an industry authority.

Beyond China, Toyoko Kagaku eyes a broader presence in Asia, where it has also begun transferring technologies and know-how to subsidiaries and customers.

“China and Asia have come a long way towards increasing quality and safety standards. Our goal is to localise the expertise, synergise our strengths and provide cutting-edge engineering skills, products and services,” Kato says. “We are thrilled to help push the boundaries further – and together raise the bar higher.”


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