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Handal Resources brings offshore crane expertiseto Southeast Asia

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 December, 2015, 5:50pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 March, 2016, 5:09pm

Being an industry pioneer is an edge that distinguishes a company among competitors, but more importantly, it represents a high degree of expertise. When it comes to offshore crane servicing and manufacturing, Handal Resources stands out as a home-grown company that has won the trust of major players in the oil and gas industry through its reliable Seacrane brand.

"There is no single offshore crane service provider in the region that can execute the same methodology that we do," says Mallek Rizal Mohsin, group managing director and CEO. "We are one of only eight companies in the world that really focus on offshore cranes."

This specialisation and its ability to foresee problems before they arise are what makes Handal Resources a successful, one-stop solution provider in Southeast Asia. Offering 24-hour service, the company's crane specialists emphasise preventive maintenance, allowing clients to realise a longer lifespan for their cranes.

"After our first contract with ExxonMobil resulted in a great performance, things started moving rapidly," Mallek says. "Petronas was impressed, and we have been in contract with them for four consecutive terms since 2000."

The company has worked with various industry players since then, including Hess, Talisman and Petrofac - all of which attest to the standard-setting qualities that make Handal Resources a trusted partner in the region. Aside from providing reliable crane rentals, refurbishment and maintenance, the company is involved in downstream and upstream activities today.

Handal Resources is determined to grow further in Southeast Asia, setting its sights on Thailand and Myanmar, to truly become the partner of choice for offshore cranes in the region.

"We are even prepared to have our own office or operational yards in these countries," Mallek says. "Potential clients and partners must understand how we do our crane maintenance and how a long-term contract with us will benefit them."

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