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Plus Three Consultants carvesniche in project cost management

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 December, 2015, 2:20pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 March, 2016, 5:09pm

Contract management specialist Plus Three Consultants is in the business of protecting clients from commercial and contractual issues in complex projects.

Carving a niche in cost engineering within the construction and infrastructure industry, the international consulting firm has launched a risk mitigating software to make it easy for companies to comply with the implementation of the New Engineering Contract (NEC) conditions of contract.

Named C-Com, the software can be customised to suit most forms of construction contract.

The C-Com software is expected to boost the business of Plus Three Consultants in its newly reopened Hong Kong office. The system fits well within the development of the NEC contract in Hong Kong.

"Accessed by all parties involved in a project, the platform can handle hundreds of notices and correspondences simultaneously, digitally and automatically," says regional director Steve Tennant in Hong Kong.

"C-Com serves as an early warning signal to those who need to respond immediately to both the client and the contractor," says Michael McIver, director and CEO

of Plus Three Consultants. "It contributes strongly to the business - the management of the commercial side and compliance with the contract conditions."

Collaboration between contractors and customers has progressively become the norm within the construction and infrastructure industry since the first NEC contract was implemented in 1993. Endorsed by governments and industries, the NEC application is expected to grow in Asia-Pacific after the Hong Kong government's adoption of the new NEC3 rules.

"We continue to support Hong Kong because it is still a developing city and has a lot of potential," McIver says. "From our view in our Kuala Lumpur office, the foreign direct investment area in Asia is huge and Malaysia is a good place to build a factory from a global cost perspective."

With offices spread globally in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Britain, Plus Three Consultants specialises in civil engineering, hi-tech facilities, construction, oil, gas, petrochemicals and energy.

"Our solutions provide significant added value to contractors and owners," McIver says. "We serve local and international clients, bringing the benefit of our overseas expertise to in-country clients while providing contacts and perspective to our overseas customers."

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