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Acson brings home-grownair conditionersto Asia's hot spots

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 December, 2015, 2:31pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 March, 2016, 5:09pm

With Asia-Pacific leading in the world market for air conditioning, accounting for 58 per cent of global sales last year at US$56.5 billion, the outlook for Malaysian air con brand Acson looks bright. Since its incorporation in 1984, Acson has evolved from a home appliance business into one of Malaysia's three largest air con brands and a leading international provider of quality Malaysian-made products.

"Our people are key to our success and the reason behind our tripled turnover in the past 10 years," says general manager Lee Nam Chuan. "Our service-oriented mindset and emphasis on human resources differentiate us from the competition. The market has many good brands and products, but Acson focuses on what Malaysia truly needs."

Acson supplies unitary air conditioning units such as wall-mounted residential air con types and light ceiling cassette types for commercial use. Innovation-driven and grounded on its Malaysian brand philosophy, the company maintains a high level of customer service - with 80 per cent of client concerns resolved within eight hours.

In a move that has enhanced its global scope as a premium brand with top-notch product quality standards, Acson was acquired in 2006 by leading Japanese air con manufacturer the Daikin Group. With over 80 worldwide production bases and global air con sales in more than 140 countries amounting to US$10 billion, Daikin is a true industry heavyweight that values the cumulative growth of its members as the driving force behind the brand's development.

Late last year, the company expanded into applied air conditioning units under the Daikin brand - used for centralised cooling in high-rise buildings such as shopping malls. Acson celebrated its 30th anniversary early this year through a new venture with Daikin Applied - a member of the Daikin Group specialising in advanced heating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies such as magnetic-bearing chillers. Daikin is the pioneer and has 20 years' experience in magnetic-bearing chillers technology.

Acson products are designed to be fast-cooling with a strong airflow. Products in development include air conditioning units controlled by Wi-fi and customisable skins for aesthetically discerning consumers. As part of its commitment to the Malaysian business community and to its growing regional foothold across Asia-Pacific, Acson is open to partnerships of all kinds - specifically with companies in the air con industry that can provide complementary services.

"Our motto is 'we share, we care'," Lee says. "We aim to provide total market solutions and are open to partners who share our mindset."