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Seagarden brings ocean's bounty to beauty, foodand nutrition sectors

PUBLISHED : Friday, 04 December, 2015, 4:37pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 March, 2016, 5:09pm

True to its name, Seagarden is the source of high-quality seafood ingredients and extracts sourced from the clean waters of the North Atlantic. One of the world's leading suppliers of savoury marine ingredients, the Norwegian company is developing its range of products to fit the Asian market and break ground in the food and dietary supplements market.

Established in 2002, Seagarden specialises in manufacturing more than 40 marine products, including white fish, salmon and shellfish powders, fish collagen, and chitin and chitosan - 95 per cent of which is exported. Its collagen, produced from deep-sea cod skin, is the purest available in the market - a superior alternative to bovine collagen from cows and porcine collagen from pigs. Meanwhile, cod fish powder is a good source of protein, which increases glucose tolerance and boosts anti-inflammatory fatty acids, thus aiding in weight loss.

Seeing Asia as the prime market for its continuous growth, Seagarden is set to bring to the region its collagen line and cod-fish powder - quality natural products borne out of Norwegian expertise and the company's commitment to research and development.

"I see Asia taking 80 per cent of the collagen we produce," says CEO Bernt-Olav Røttingsnes. "And China will become the No 1 consumer."

To help the company become the leading supplier of Norwegian marine ingredients in Asia, Seagarden seeks partnerships with established distributors in the food, cosmetics and nutrition markets. It established a sales office in Singapore in January to better reach its Southeast Asian customers.

Seagarden develops the flavour of its products together with partners to suit the distinctive taste of Asian consumers, without compromising the fish's nutritional value. The goal is to tap into the growing dietary supplements market, which is expected to reach US$80 billion by 2020.

"We bring the cod fish powder, and our customers tell us the taste they want. Our product development itself is a result of partnership," Røttingsnes says.