Savie Insurance Plan

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FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited

FWD savings plan rewards customers for good saving habits

PUBLISHED : Monday, 11 April, 2016, 10:12am
UPDATED : Monday, 11 April, 2016, 10:12am

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Who said saving for short and long-term goals has to be complicated? With everything about FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited’s Savie Insurance Plan (“Savie”), from the free-of-charge saving option, guaranteed interest rates and life protection, it is designed to be uncomplicated and easy to understand.

Because FWD understands how important it is for their customers to be specific about the time frame of their financial goals and to have control of their own strategies for meeting them,  Savie allows both one-off payment or monthly contributions to suit your saving habit. For example, offered with choices and flexibility, customers may make a minimum lump sum premium in the range of HK$30,000 and HK$400,000 or make a monthly contribution.

It is available to all Hong Kong residents and successful applicants can enjoy a guaranteed interest rate for the first three policy years (From the fourth policy year onwards, interest rates are non-guaranteed). Savie provides the additional protection of Accidental Death Benefit until age 70 which is equivalent to 100% of the account value, together with a Death Benefit of 105% of the account value.

To allow the Hong Kong public, especially the younger generation to start saving for their short and long-term financial goals, FWD believes Savie is unbeatable for several reasons. To make life easier, the online application process for one-off payment is quick and straightforward. Once it is confirmed that Savie meets your objective(s) and need(s), the next step can be taken to activate the savings plan. Furthermore, you can withdraw the account value from your policy with no charges at any time (even during the guaranteed interest rate period) – giving you flexibility to meet your needs! You may also pause and resume your monthly contributions throughout your policy period. FWD has even teamed up with Hong Kong rap duo FAMA in a multi-media campaign to produce “Simply Unbeatable” (, a tailor-made music video with lyrics that empahsise the discerning values of Savie. In addition to print and online banner support, the FAMA music video is broadcast via digital platforms and social media, including the MTR Trackside Plasma Network, YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, NextMedia and more.

When it is hard to decide when and where to invest in a volatile market and (or not to mention) the information is confusing, it’s easy to put off savings for the future. But delaying or completely ignoring savings can only be a detriment, even in an unpredictable market. That’s why FWD gives you one less thing to worry about by offering an easy, manageable savings plan that will help you meet your various savings needs. With no management fees and other costs that can eat into your returns and negate the advantage of saving to watch out for, Savie provides a transparent and reliable way to gain interest on your hard-earned money. However, it is important to note that Savie is an insurance product. The premium paid is not a bank savings deposit or time deposit. Savie is not protected under the Deposit Protection Scheme in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

It’s never too early to start saving for a special item, an event, an ideal holiday or building a financial safety net for the future. The sooner you start saving, the easier it becomes to achieve your wish-list. For more details about Savie, why not take a look at