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Westermo provides reliable data communications for mission-critical systems

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 October, 2015, 5:58pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 March, 2016, 5:08pm

The reliability of data communications in mission-critical operations - whether on the road, below the earth's surface or out in the open seas - can spell the difference between ground-breaking success and utter disaster. Few understand this better than Westermo, whose diverse industrial switches, routers, extenders, modems and converters are used for data communications in demanding applications.

"Personal security and income can be at stake when a water treatment plant breaks down, when a train running at 200km/h suddenly stops working or if electronics fail in a mine, drilling rig or roadside cabinet due to extreme environmental conditions," says Westermo CEO Lars-Ola Lundkvist. "Our devices withstand the most challenging physical environments without degrading or breaking down, allowing clients to build not only reliable, but also cost-effective networks."

Beyond defying wind, snow, heat and dust, Westermo's robust, security-embedded data communications solutions ensure protected remote access via internet connection, safeguarding networks against accidental or deliberate interference. These are only some of the reasons why Westermo is the partner of choice when it comes to providing the data communications network in Europe's largest iron ore mine; communication solutions in Gässlösa's waste water monitoring system; and data communication devices installed in FMC Technologies' oil and gas subsea extraction systems.

With expertise that it has built since 1975 when industrial data communications were still in their infancy, Westermo is often the first to innovate products that feature the most advanced technologies while supporting clients' existing IT systems. It developed its own cross-platform software solution for switches that launched the RedFox Industrial Routing switch and WeOS operating system, which address increasingly complex Ethernet networks and protocols. 

Working closely with the railway industry, Westermo also designed the Viper series - a complete and specialised solution for onboard railway control systems based on the Westermo IP train concept. "We ensure that our products enable clients to future-proof their data communications systems," Lundkvist says. "We work to improve our solutions and overall industry technologies, continuously taking small improvement steps that create huge impacts."