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Ventiv centralises risk management for sustainable growth

PUBLISHED : Monday, 29 February, 2016, 3:51pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 March, 2016, 5:09pm

As companies grow and expand their scope, so do the risks that threaten business development, rendering it crucial to implement measures that mitigate risks. Ventiv Technology revolutionises how companies manage risk, transforming fragmented data into cohesive, actionable business intelligence so that its clients can focus on the things that matter: strategic and sustainable expansion.

"As markets evolve, on the corporate side, risk is becoming more complex and organisations are looking to centralise functions. Ventiv specialises in the technology to help companies manage their total cost of risk," says CEO Stephen Rhee. "Our solutions bring together fragmented data to start the formation of getting a true global programme."

An independent global firm with 40 years of experience, Ventiv built its cloud-based risk and insurance technology solutions, including safety management, from the ground up.

Ventiv closely works with clients in the insured, corporate, retail, construction and manufacturing segments to address specific needs. From these collaborations, Ventiv developed an integrated platform supporting multicurrency and multilingual functions that allows easier diversification into new businesses and markets. Ventiv supports a high percentage of Fortune 500 companies in their international expansion.

As a former business unit of Aon Risk Solutions, Ventiv maintains a mutually beneficial partnership with Aon. Ventiv is open to similar partnerships that can expand its scope globally, particularly in Asia, which is home to many emerging markets. Ventiv is eyeing India, Japan and China as prime locations to scout for partner consulting firms with niche expertise in risk management that would like to add to or enhance their technology offerings. As the only provider with an office in Hong Kong, Ventiv is well-positioned to serve the region.

"With Asian companies and markets growing at a fast rate, they often overlook the cost to insure. Their insurance and technology needs are going to evolve, and Ventiv is here to support them. We have a proven record of helping companies in Asia benefit from our experience," says Justin Gale, Asia-Pacific general manager.


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