Back to school offers make Kumon an even smarter choice

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Back to school offers make Kumon an even smarter choice

PUBLISHED : Friday, 18 August, 2017, 11:29am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 September, 2017, 2:48pm

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The world famous Kumon Method of Learning offers an approach to education that is tailor-made for each child.

For more than half a century, Kumon has been helping students achieve their academic goals by building their knowledge and powers of concentration, and enabling them to develop effective self-learn habits. Today, with Education Centres in 50 countries, Kumon programmes have a total of almost four-and-a-half million enrolments, globally.

The success of the Kumon approach to learning is based on an initial assessment of each student’s abilities, which is then used to create a personal study plan. Whatever the subject, all students begin at a level they are comfortable with. Their plan is updated accordingly as their understanding and confidence grows, so they can continue to be challenged, yet not overwhelmed. 

This autumn, Kumon’s programmes in Hong Kong are being made even more attractive to parents of students aged three and above, through a range of special offers.

From August 28 to September 9, tuition fees for newly enrolled Kumon programmes in Mathematics, English, Chinese, Japanese, and English in Japanese, are being reduced by 50 per cent. A number of promotional gifts are also part of the package. From September 10 to 20, parents enrolling their children in one of the same range of programmes will receive promotional gifts.

It is worth noting that students who are enrolling with Kumon for the first time will be charged an administration fee of HK$150, and language students will need to buy the appropriate CD and CD textbook before their first lesson.

Fully aware that every child is an individual with their own personality and ability level, Kumon instructors first take new students through a Diagnostic Test. This test enables instructors to gauge each child’s learning ability and needs, and therefore devise an individual and progressive study plan. This study plan is then shared and discussed in detail with parents.

Under their instructor’s supervision, students use Kumon worksheets that have been carefully designed by education specialists to progressively develop their learning skills - including logical thinking, listening, reading, speaking, writing and reading comprehension abilities, until they become confident self-learners and problem-solvers.

Beyond these academic skills, Kumon classes also help students strengthen their self-discipline and build their capacity for self-management. This aspect of their development is reflected in the way they greet their instructors, exchange homework, complete and submit class work, and clean and tidy up their desks and chairs before leaving.

All of these duties help to nurture the child’s initiative, discipline and sense of responsibility. The fact that every Kumon worksheet has a target finishing time means that students are also  practicing their time management skills.

It would be much harder to achieve these goals if the lessons weren’t made as fun and engaging as possible. Each programme uses a range of supplementary tools to help achieve their aims.

The Mathematics Programme uses colourful worksheets and magnetic number boards to engage the students, helping them perform faster mental calculations and develop their analytical, logical-thinking and problem-solving skills. The worksheets for this programme are suitable for use in countries across the globe and to be used in conjunction with any academic curriculum.

Colourful textbooks, funny stories and songs, and CDs are all deployed in the English as a Foreign Language Programme, helping children systematically build up their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. More advanced and confident English language skills can be achieved by developing a broader vocabulary and better understanding of sentence structure and grammar.

The English Reading Programme aims to use phonics to help students build up 1000-word vocabularies, master spelling skills, and develop an ability to speed read. Through training, and a growing understanding of English grammar, the goal is to achieve a reading speed of 95 words in one minute. The programme also exposes students to a wide range of literary classics and genres from around the world, and uses these, together with Kumon’s worksheets, to expand reading comprehension skills and ability to analyse and summarise texts.

The new edition of the Chinese Programme uses nursery rhymes and classic Chinese poems to capture students’ attention and cultivate their interest and imagination, so they can effectively develop their Hanyu Pinyin skills through listening, reading aloud and writing. Through practicing structuring sentences, children will also hone their ability to summarise and organise ideas. Reading a wide selection of literature from around the world will also allow them to deepen their reading comprehension and writing skills, as well as broaden their horizons.

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