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[SCMP Archive] Net helps school build links

PUBLISHED : Monday, 13 March, 2017, 11:52am
UPDATED : Monday, 13 March, 2017, 11:52am

[First published on Nov 17, 1998] A Website has been set up to strengthen communication between a school, its students and their parents.

Dragon Net, designed by a group of students from Hong Kong International School, is its "nerve centre", where the three parties can air their views and discuss topics as they try to build closer links with each other.

The Website, which includes a brief introduction to the students, newsletters, announcements and upcoming activities, was unveiled at the school's technology fair last month.

Teachers and students from Third to 12th Grade can have their own email accounts.

Students can engage in afterschool discussions and contact teachers without restrictions.

Parents can also go online to exchange view with others.

The school also has a separate homepage which provides information about the school.

Dragon Net adviser and computer teacher David Elliott said:

"Parents should work alongside their children for the best results. Therefore, this idea is aimed at getting the parents involved. Both teachers and parents should keep an eye on the students' progress."

Mr Elliott said the Website would be "a channel for instant online communication between teachers and students".

"This is the future trend. Learning must go beyond the four walls of the classroom," he said.

Student volunteers who designed the Website said they had made a meaningful contribution to their school.

Dragon Net pioneer Eric Ng Kwanho,17, said it was their duty to ensure the system operated properly.

"We also help students put things on the Web. But of course the criteria is that it should be good stuff. We select the best," the Grade 12 student said.

Meanwhile, the school has designed a mathematics CDROM which uses colourful visual effects for class presentations.

Since last year, Grade 11 and Grade 12 students taking precalculus classes have been using Microsoft's Power Point for classroom work. Their final versions will be included in a CDROM which students can use for revision and other purposes.

This follows a suggestion by maths and technology teacher Daniel Ma Sunping. "Class presentations will not be boring anymore. It can be fun and creative.

"We spent half of the teaching time in the computer lab for the project. Through this method students were able to show case their creativity in practising information technology.

"They were told to use attractive animation and audio effects.

"As each class has its own CDROM, it will help with their revision."

Mr Ma said the idea could hopefully be applied to other subjects and introduced to other schools in Hong Kong.