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Balancing Ice Hockey and Education … in Canada

PUBLISHED : Monday, 04 January, 2016, 5:25pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 24 March, 2016, 12:38pm

As part of the effort to grow the love of ice hockey in Hong Kong, Stanstead College (located in Quebec, Canada) is offering six scholarships for a two week of the academic experience, plus a further 15 students will attend an Orientation, 6 day program, in April.

More importantly, they will provide insight on the need for a balancing between athletics and education, the latter explained as something that “cannot fall off at the cost of sports” in Asia.  The program will uncover some of the unknown territories when dealing with hockey at the elite level, in Canada.

“For an Asian family holds education as the ultimate gift they can give their children…there  are few schools, such as St Andrews College, Stanstead college, UCC Toronto, Ridley College, that truly bring the balance between education and hockey, but it is increasing.”

Asians, who are generally of smaller stature, playing a game traditionally noted to be physical, Stanstead College Asia co-ordinator John Laroche provided insight on how “hockey is one of these sports where a lot of different sized players can play a role on a team” and how there are many examples of small statured and skilled players who have proved to be very successful. John went on to say the opportunity may never have been higher or better for Asians to enter the game than now”.

Head Master Michael Wolfe on the problem of physique “the game has evolved, and they have designed the rules to promote skilled players” giving examples of players of small stature such as Johnny Gaudreau (who won the Hobey Baker Award for best college player, in the USA) of the Calgary Flames and Mats Zuccarello (Norwegian International) of the New York Rangers.

Michael Wolfe also suggested the significance of ice hockey to the well being of a teenager. “The best lessons that you can learn are taught within those activities. Teamwork, working towards a common goal, pushing to a common goal, leadership, all of those qualities can be learned well in a team sport experience.”

“If you go to the United States, most university counsellors and admissions would say ‘we’re looking for top academic performances but we also want to see what you’re doing outside of the academic community and can you manage both at a high level’. So even from a time management perspective, being involved outside the classroom, whether it is a sport or something else, those are all positive things to have and fill your resume for university application.”

On the importance of talent: “Raw talent is very important, but it’s the development of that talent through practice over time which makes the most difference.”

The scholarship winners for the 2015-2016 school year include three players from Hong Kong (Moses Chang, Preston Kwok, Ruu Kosenen), plus a further 10 for the April Orientation experience.

Jordan Laroche, a past KGV student, plays on the Stanstead College Spartan varsity boys team and is the on campus Scholarship Coordinator.

Stanstead College is a boarding, university prep-school located in Stanstead, Quebec for boys and girls in years 7 through 12.  The growth in interest and the push forward in encouraging and nurturing the elite has been a key part of Stanstead's mission.

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