Hong Kong Open

Hong Kong Open 2013 live - Miguel Angel Jimenez wins for the fourth time

Spanish veteran retains his title at Fanling after a play-off against Thailand's Prom Meesawat and Wales' Stuart Manley

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 December, 2013, 10:50am
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 December, 2013, 6:18pm

Well, that's about it from Fanling folks. Another amazing finish to this tournament - it always seems to provide last-hole drama.

It's been a diminished field compared to recent years, but the excitement and the quality of golf has still been top-notch.

Rumour has it that the tournament might be moved to October next year, just ahead of the BMW and HSBC events in Shanghai. That would be a boost - a better place in the calendar and a good starting point for players heading onward to Shanghai.

If true, that would surely improve the likelihood of attracting a title sponsor - just hearsay at the moment (though Miguel Angel Jimenez did seem to hint at the calendar change) - but let's hope so

Congratulations to Jimenez, remarkable win aged almost 50 and less than a year since he broke a leg in a skiing crash. 

Thanks for reading, see you next year!


Miguel Angel Jimenez, the 2004, 2007, 2012 and 2013 Hong Kong Open champion has just been in to speak to us. Here's some of what he had to say:

"It's very nice to win for a fourth time two years in a row. It's a golf course that really suits my game. This one is specially unique, to be very aggressive from the tee, very hard and fast greens, and it's a great golf course I love it. 

"In the playoff I knew I needed to make something. I hit my driver and I thought I needed to make birdie. After seeing them hit their shots on to the top platform ... I hit a beautiful drive. 

"Last year when I won my 19th [European Tour title] I said I'd like to win 20.  

"It's always important to have experience for anything in life. You put pressure on yourself even if you have experience, the main thing with experience is I keep telling myself, "keep calm, keep patient"

"I'm 49, I'm going to be 50 in a month, but to keep at this level you need to work. I work almost every morning, stretching and a little cardio and you have to, to stay competitive with the young people. 

"[The Ryder Cup] is always a target, always a target, the qualificaiton started just a couple of months ago and it's a long journey. Of course I would love to be part again. 

"I hope we can find a title sponsor for the tournament and make it even bigger. I believe next year it's going to be a bit earlier in the calendar ... and I'll definitely be back to try to make it five."



The runners-up were not unhappy, having come as close as they ever have to a European Tour win

Stuart Manley:

“I’m pretty pleased to be honest. There’s some disappointment to lose in the play-off with a poor shot. But for Miguel to make birdie was pretty special. It was pretty special for me to even get into the play-off so I can take a lot from that."


Prom Meesawat:

“It’s been an amazing week for me so I don’t feel disappointed. It’s my best finish in this event and I am pretty happy with the way I am playing right now.

"It’s not a bad feeling when you don’t make a mistake and someone just plays better than you.”

Jimenez has sparked his trademark cigar on the 18th green and received his trophy, a familiar one. "One, two, three, and soon four," he said, pointing to the places on the cup where his name is engraved.

It might have been nice to get a new winner, and both Meesawat and Manley seem hugely likable guys. But there's no question that Jimenez deserved it. He played the 18th brilliantly and bravely, one of the few players to take driver at any point during the tournament - and his putt to win it was just brilliant, no other words for it.

He's broken his own record as the oldest player ever to win on the European Tour, and he confirmed he'll be back next year to try to do it again. 

It's a pity for Meesawat especially. He hasn't won since 2006 - and he came agonisingly close just three weeks ago before losing, also in a playoff. He was tremendously consistent over the last two days, only making one bogey, and had two eagles today after having none all year. He just couldn't quite stretch away though, and Jimenez reeled in the 'Big Dolphin' relentlessly over the back nine. He had four birdies and a bogey over the inward half, while Meesawat had just eagle and bogey - had one more putt dropped he would be celebrating right now.

Manley, the overnight leader, just couldn't get going either, with a spate of bogies and birdies - 3 and 4 respectively - on the outward nine, then just a bogey and a birdie before his sensational chip-in on the last for a second birdie and a place in the playoffs. He had plenty of makeable birdie chances over the back nine, but the putts just wouldn't go in




Tremendous, delicate putt downhill, he urged it to break all the way and it just had the legs and just broke in time.

Incredible. He absolutely loves it here. 49 years 337 days, breaks his own record as oldest winner on the European Tour. 

Let's go see what the players have to say


Decent from Meesawat from off the green to about three or four foot. Jimenez has a difficult birdie putt to win it

Manley plays a bump-and-run up on to the green and has a 10-footer for par

Manley's ball has been found, nearly in the water obstructed by the hospitality box. He can drop away from the box but it's going to be a very awkward stance with the ball above his feet



Manley 197 to the pin. Meesawat 172 Jimenez 116

Manley takes a fairway wood. PUSHES IT ONTO THE ROOF OF THE HOSPITALITY TENT!! Bye bye Manley

Meesawat goes straight for the flag with an iron, lands just on the edge of the green

Jimenez with a wedge, lands 10-15 feet above the hole. He's in the driving seat

This is only the second playoff since this became a European Tour event. Lin Wen-tang beat Rory McIlroy and Edoardo Molinari. Jimenez has won 3, lost 3 in six European Tour playoffs, it's a first one for Meesawat and Manley

Manley is first to tee off, safely down the right. Meesawat takes 3-wood and smacks it down the same line, a few yards past the Welshman. Jimenez goes with the big dog again and creams it miles past them down the hill


4:45 Final leaderboard - PLAYOFF

-12 Meesawat, Jimenez, Manley

-11  Derksen

-9  Ormsby

-8 Kapur, Que, Colomo, Lara



Amazing scenes. What an incredible shot by Manley. Jimenez has a wry smile on the clubhouse terrace.

We'll now go down 18 again for as long as it takes. It's going to be dark in an hour, hopefully it's done by then ... my day off tomorrow


Manley has 176 to the pin after his drive on 18 and he attackes the flag, but is off the edge of the green and below it

HOLES IT!!!! THREE-WAY PLAYOFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Meesawat lost his last playoff, at the Manila Masters three weeks ago ... he's practising his putting while Jimenez munches on something at the clubhouse


Manley misses his umpteenth makeable birdie chance on 17 - he has to birdie the last to get into the playoff. Or hole his second to win it, but that seems a mite unlikely



-12 Meesawat, Jimenez

-11  Derksen, Manley

-9  Ormsby

-8 Kapur, Que, Colomo, Lara



Meesawat signing autographs by the scorer's tent on 18 as he waits to see what Jimenez will do.

Jimenez takes driver on 18, surprisingly - but he glides it right down the middle and it rolls nicely down the hill. He outdrove Lara by 57 yards. He has a lovely angle into the green, 94 yards to the pin. 

 - But he finds the bunker short of the hole ... 

... great sand shot but he had to hole it to win and it's three feet short. 

Looks like we have a playoff unless Manley says otherwise. 

Manley misses a long birdie putt on 16, putting it six feet past the hole, but he makes the par. Two to go for him. 




-12 Meesawat, Jimenez

-11  Derksen, Manley

-9  Ormsby

-8 Kapur, Que, Colomo, Lara



So can Jimenez or Manley overtake Meesawat or force a playoff? Jimenez plays a great second shot on 17 to give himself the chance of levelling with a 12-foot putt. Takes a long time weighing it up before NAILING IT!

One hole left ... can the Spaniard nick it?



-12 Meesawat,

-11 Jimenez, Derksen, Manley

-9  Ormsby

-8 Kapur, Que, Colomo, Lara


Meesawat finds the middle of the green with his second on 18, deciding not to attack the flag. Monster birdie attempt looked well short, but perfect length. Four-footer for par and a 65. Will it be enough?

No Thai player has ever won the Hong Kong Open ...

Manley finally holes a putt, from about 25 foot on 15 to join Derksen and Jimenez on -11. Play-off looming? 




-12 Meesawat,

-11 Jimenez, Derksen

-10  Manley

-9  Ormsby

-8 Kapur, Que, Colomo, Lara



Amazing statistic - Meesawat has had two eagles today but hasn't had a single one all season according to the commentary team

Derksen has said he's more worried about Jimenez than Meesawat as he waits to see if he can get into a play-off. 

Jimenez plays an excellent iron to eight feet for a chance to go level on 16. But the birdie putt breaks just at the death. Two holes left to catch the Thai 




-12 Meesawat,

-11 Jimenez, Derksen

-10  Manley

-9  Ormsby

-8 Kapur, Que, Colomo, Lara



Just watched Meesawat play his second from the media centre terrace next to the 17th fairway. Beautiful iron, pin-high. Birdie putt looks bang on line to fall in from the left, but stays straight. One hole left to stretch his lead

Derksen has birdied the last to give himself a sniff of a play-off, tremendous second shot down into the pin

Meanwhile rearrange this into a sentence: goes begging, Manley, birdie chance, another



-12 Meesawat,

-11 Jimenez

-10  Derksen, Manley

-9  Ormsby

-8 Kapur, Que, Colomo, Lara


Oh dear, not going well for Meesawat now. Rough on the left off the tee then he's into the greenside bunker with his second on 16. Leaves his sand shot well short of the hole. BUT HE MAKES AN AMAZING 50-FOOTER TO SAVE PAR!

But Jimenez hits right of the fairway off the tee on 15. Very difficult second with the pin on the right of the green and protected by a bunker, but he finds the green safely. Bad 40-foot birdie putt, 10 foot short and he sends the par putt past the hole. He's four-over-par on the 15th this week.

Meanwhile yet another (difficult) birdie chance goes begging for Manley on 13. How many times have I typed that? He hasn't figured at all after leading overnight. 


-12 Meesawat, Jimenez

-10  Derksen, Manley

-9  Ormsby

-8 Kapur, Que, Colomo, Lara



Jimenez birdies 13 and he's closed to one shot. Then he hits his second to five feet on 14 for another and shares the lead ... is the Spaniard going to win in Hong Kong for a fourth time?

Manley pings his tee shot to eight feet on the par-3 12th but can only par. He's just not holing enough putts to win it at the moment




-12 Meesawat

-10  Derksen, Manley, Jimenez

-9  Ormsby

-8 Kapur, Que, Finch, Colomo, Lara



Meesawat follows up his eagle with his first bogey in 32 holes after pushing his drive into the rough then missing the green with his second. Lovely chip from the front of the green, but his par putt from six feet is never on line. Still two ahead



Prom Meesawat has just nailed a 40-foot putt for his second eagle of the day on the 13th. Three wood off the tee, then another which bounced out of a bunker and on to the green. He's now 13 under and that could be the winning putt



-11 Meesawat

-10  Derksen, Manley, Jimenez

-9  Lara, Ormsby

-8 Kapur, Que, Finch, Colomo


Another birdie chance falls just short again for Meesawat on 12. He could use some of these dropping about now as the holes start to run out. Is anyone going to take this tournament by the scruff or are we edging towards a playoff?

Perhaps Jimenez will - he's just birdied 11 to get to double figures. Closing in?

Manley's duffed his second on 10, luckily fell short off the ditch that cuts in front of the green - but it's another bogey and Meesawat is back out on his own.

Double bogey for Finch on 15 and that's likely the end of him. Javier Colomo bogies 17 and he's surely out of it



-11 Meesawat, Manley

-10  Finch, Derksen

-9 Jimenez, Colomo, Lara, Ormsby

-8 Kapur, Que


Manley's had three bogies today, but every time he's hit back straight away, and he does so again with a nice 2 on the par-3 eighth. On the ninth he has a 15-footer for birdie but it bounces out. Whacked it too hard.

Jimenez makes a good up-and-down from the bunker on No9 - one birdie and eight pars for the front nine. Another chance goes begging on 10 after a great iron to eight feet. Downhill putt rolls wide. He's leaving too many shots out there. Playing partner Lara holes a great putt on 10 for his second birdie of the day to go back to -9. 

Meesawat still rolling along, another par on 12. Nobody's surging ahead 


-11 Meesawat

-10 Ormsby, Manley, Finch, Derksen

-9 Jimenez, Colomo

-8 Kapur, Lara, Que



No sooner does Manley hit back than he bogies after a bit of an adventure on No7

He had a bit off luck off the tee, bouncing off a tree to the left of the fairway and finding an okay lie. Very difficult third shot, awkward lie on the the edge of a bunker, the ball above his feet, left him a 15-footer for par,  which he misses by an inch.

Meesawat - you can fill it in yourself by now. Great tee shot, great iron etc etc. Actually he failed, just to find the green with his iron, but was still eight feet away on the fringe. Missed the rapid downhill putt for birdie.

Finch and Derksen are going well and they're up to -10 after birdies on 13 and 12 respectively.

Haven't seen Jimenez for a while - he needs to start firing. Solid so far, but the putts aren't dropping



-11 Meesawat, Manley

-10 Ormsby

-9 Jimenez, Colomo, Que, Finch

-8 Kapur, Lara, Derksen


Manley hits back immediately again, getting to six foot on No 6 with his second and holing well.

But Meesawat is playing flawlessly. Superb drive on No 9, the hardest hole on the course, and yet another delightful iron - the birdie putt falls a half-inch shy for an outward half of 30


Jimenez just misses by a hair again on the seventh, and another birdie chance goes begging on eight.

Wade Ormsby gets his first birdie after opening with five straight pars and he's up one, while Angelo Que, out in 32, has another birdie on the ninth to go to -9. Finch is up there too after going out in 31


-11 Meesawat 

-10 Manley

-9 Ormsby, Jimenez, Colomo

-8 Finch, Cejka, Kapur, Lara, Derksen, Que


Not a great shot off the tee on the par-3 fifth from Manley, and a five-foot par putt lips out, so he drops back

Great tee shot and a a great iron from 147 yards from Jimenez puts him pin-high on No 6 but his birdie putt is an inch to the right.

Another fine iron from Meesawat on No7 gives him another birdie chance, but he misses by an inch or two. 

Javier Colomo's just stroked in his seventh birdie of the day, slowly climbing the leaderboard, now -9. Wade Ormsby is another we've hardly mentioned all week, but he's opened with four straight pars and could be a threat under the radar.




-11 Meesawat, Manley 

-9 Ormsby, Jimenez

-8 Finch, Cejka, Kapur, Colomo, Lara, Derksen, Que



BOOM! Meesawat plays another tremendous iron pin-high into six four another birdie and he's four-under-par after six and back (momentarily) in the outright lead. 

Pretty much everyone on the course - and there's a decent attendance - is following Jimenez and Lara. The defending champion has had another half-sniff on the fifth, but settled for par. 

Manley presses his entire body into the green to read his putts, and it pays off as he nails it from 10 feet on the fourth for birdie to reply immediately to Meesawat



-10 Meesawat, Manley

-9 Ormsby, Jimenez

-8 Finch, Cejka, Kapur, Colomo, Lara, Derksen, Que


Manley nearly in the woods again off the tee on No3 but found a good lie on a rise and fired a fairway wood into the par-5's green. Misses the eagle putt left, but he's back up level with Meesawat

Jimenez misses a tough birdie chance on No4, but he's still ticking over nicely.

Steve Webster's overnight challenge is fading fast as he bogies No.1 and 3. 



-10 Meesawat

-9 Ormsby, Manley, Jimenez

-8 Finch, Cejka, Kapur, Colomo



Jimenez on the move, excellent up and down from a bunker on the par-5 third for birdie.

Colomo's joined the group on -8 with another birdie on No10

Meesawat's hitting his irons lovely and just missed another birdie chance on No4. 

Kapur and Manley both safely par the second.




-10 Meesawat

-9 Ormsby, Manley

-8 Finch, Cejka, Jimenez, Kapur


Magnificent putt from the Big Dolphin Prom Meesawat for an eagle on No3, following a birdie on No2, and he's stormed to -10

Manley finds trouble from his first shot, deep into the trees on No1. He can only chip back on to the fairway and misses his par putt. Playing partner Shiv Kapur also found trouble and hit through the green with his second, then failed by inches to make the up-and-down. Bogies for both.

Jimenez started with a par, then found sand on the par-3 second, but played a magnificent bunker shot to eight inches to recover. Playing partner Lara bogied No1 and parred No2

Top stat - no-one has ever won this tournament by more than two shots.



Just been having a spot of lunch on the clubhouse veranda, watching Jimenez, Manley, Sjoholm and others practice their putting as the leaders prepare to go out.

Making a move early is Spaniard Javier Colomo, with five birdies and a bogey from his opening eight holes to move up 17 places to eight under. 

Joel Sjoholm and Prom Meesawat, both burly nice guys, have birdied No1 and No2 respectively and they're both up to -8. 

And the veteran Englishman Richard Finch has three birdies and three pars from his first six holes to join them

But it really is anybody's to win this afternoon - just four shots separate the top 20 players, with overnight leader Stuart Manley teeing off with Shiv Kapur as we speak


Huang's having some round, six birdies in seven holes from 2 to 8, then he double bogeys 9.

Meanwhile, the stats pack makes for some interesting reading. But for all the talk about Shiv Kapur being top scorer on the par 4s, Stuart Manley scoring the most birdies of anyone in the tournament, etc, one stands out:

"The three leading players [have] accumulated just 12 career top tens on the European Tour between them in comparison to Miguel Angel’s incredible record of 19 victories, 18 runner-ups, 13 third place finishes and a total of 98 top tens"

Just how important could that experience prove today? And will Jimenez be inspired by playing with his fellow Spaniard and HK Open winner Jose Manuel Lara? 



Wee note of interest on the leaderboard early on - China's Huang Wen-yi has gone on a real charge, with five birdies in his first seven holes to get to five under. He's the only mainlander left in the field. Good piece on him here - had to work construction to support his family, got a job as a caddy, discovered natural talent. He was an impressive seventh at the BMW International Open in Munich in the summer for his biggest ever European Tour cheque.


Good morning, and welcome to the final round of the Hong Kong Open

Calm before the storm here at the moment, with the backmarkers out on course.

Overnight leader Stuart Manley is on 10 under par, one shot ahead of Shiv Kapur and Wade Ormsby, with defending champion Miguel Angel Jimenez, former winner Jose Manuel Lara and England's Steve Webster a further shot back.

But realistically, perhaps as many as 20 players have a chance today - that's the number who are within five shots of Manley.

The weather is benign once more, not a breath of wind, and it's sure to be an exciting day. Tune in here throughout the day for live updates

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