I'm looking forward to getting him to 1,400m, says Hall

David Hall became the first trainer to land four wins with one horse this season as the transformation of Solar Great continued at his fourth outing for the yard. Breaking into Class Two successfully after kicking off in Class Four last November, Solar Great (Brett Prebble) didn't post a margin as fancy as his past three 1,200m wins, but Hall was looking at that as a positive. "He's been jumping up the ratings pretty quick - at least he can't get 10 points again for that," Hall said. "It's hard for any horse to win four in a row. He's been a bit keen in his races, but you see today he's even starting to relax and settle. I'm looking forward to getting him to 1,400m because the way he raced today that's what he's looking for." Alan Aitken


Turnover is up and it's thesecond highest for season

Two thirds of the way through the meeting, Jockey Club chief executive Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges was a contented official as he passed on the word that turnover was shaping to be up by "10 or 11 per cent" year-on-year. "It's quite remarkable," he offered as comment at that time, so anyone might reasonably assume the final tally had him beaming uncontrollably as betting turnover continued its relentlessly optimistic march. The final figures showed a pari-mutuel turnover just shy of $1.28 billion and almost $217 million up on the Centenary Sprint Cup meeting on 2012, or more than 20 per cent. That made the day the second-highest turnover day this season and in the top four in the last 10 years. Alan Aitken


Prebble and Suborics cop two-day bans for careless rides

Brett Prebble found himself back on the suspended list but the saving grace is that he has a considerable wait before it takes effect. Prebble, who rode runner-up Affection, pleaded guilty to causing the check suffered by Glacier Blue in the fifth race and was hit with a two-day ban and $40,000 fine. But he will not have to take his suspended meetings for almost a month, until after February 23, due to a long-standing commitment to ride his Melbourne Cup winner Green Moon, who resumes that day at Caulfield in Melbourne. Andreas Suborics also found himself on the end of a two-day ban and $15,000 fine for interference he caused in the final race on Amigo. Alan Aitken