Brett Prebble believes he has unlocked the secret to Francis Lui's grey

Being held up and arriving late was the best thing that could have happened to Class Three blowout winner Lucky Scepter, according to Brett Prebble. Prebble scouted the rail the whole way before emerging into clear room only in the final 100m on the grey to win a desperately tight photo with Joyful Moments in an echo of Prebble's win last season on the same horse. "That's two I've won on him and exactly the same way - stay inside, get held up and he comes out late and finds the line," Prebble said. "I've been on him before when you hook him out wider and give him plenty of room and he doesn't hit the line the same way, there's too much to think about. Held up like that, all he's thinking about is the horses around him and running through them." The Francis Lui Kin-wai-trained grey continued a fruitful association for Prebble with the horse's Lucky Syndicate as he won recently on its promising sprinter, Lucky Bubbles.

Perfect Karis Teetan ride gets Invincible Fresh home

It was supposed to have been another winner for Joao Moreira but instead it was the Mauritian Magician, Karis Teetan, who offered his early entry for ride of the season when Invincible Fresh scored a breakthrough victory. Keetan was brilliant in getting the Caspar Fownes-trained gelding over from gate eleven to race on the rail then just as brilliant getting him back to the outside again in straight as he sidestepped across the heels of five runners. "Joao was supposed to ride him but the splitting of the race into two divisions made it tricky if you got in the wrong half and Joao was already booked for Presidentparamount," said Fownes. "But if Joao was on him, we'd have got 5-1 and instead he's triple the odds. And Karis can stay on him now - nobody could have topped that ride."

Jockey Club identifies issue that caused chaos at Happy Valley day meeting

The gremlins in the system that brought eWin to a halt last weekend and prevented bets being placed via the club's website have been identified, or at least given a job description after the Jockey Club had as many as forty technicians working on finding the fault. A club spokesman yesterday described the fault thus: "The cause of the problem was newly-enhanced security updates, which clashed with increased traffic on the site. What took place was a million to one chance that could not have been anticipated and has been fixed. The eWin site has functioned with complete operational efficiency since." Which could all have been covered by using the word gremlins efficiently but is clubspeak for saying, no, the system was not the victim of hackers or plunged into chaos by an errant rat chewing the wrong cable, it was felled by a computer glitch.