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1 March 2017 - Sha Tin



Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 7:15pm, Sha Tin

"All Weather Track" Course, 1800M, Expected Going: Good
Prize Money: $630000, Rating: 40-0, Class 5

NoLast runsColourHorsePriorityHorse Wt.GearTrainerAgeWt.RatingJockeyDrawWinPlace
18/7/9/6/9/7BEST REWARD (V189)+ 11104 -3B/TTW. Y. So5133 +1840-2Z. Purton 9--
20/0/9/8/7/0DIGITAL PIONEER (V177)+ 11068 0BD. Hall5132 +1739-3B. Prebble 13--
30/0/-/0/9/0/0HOLY UNICORN (V179)* 11015 -19CP-/H-/TTA. Lee4131 +1438-4T. H. So -2 11--
44/8/6/7/1/0SWEET BEAN (S205)11023 +5BC. Fownes6131 -138C. Y. Ho -2 3--
50/0/-/0/0/0/0SEVEN LUCK (V044)11032 -13TTC. H. Yip4129 +336-4K. C. Ng -5 2--
68/0/-/7/0/3/9COMMANDANT (P286)11108 -15PC/TTC. W. Chang6127 -534-2U. Rispoli 12--
78/8/2/8/5/3FAITHFUL BOY (T089)11081 0BY. S. Tsui5127 +934H. N. Wong -7 10--
80/-/0/8/5/3/5GENTLEMEN (V060)+ 11112 +13B/XBP. F. Yiu4126 -333-2N. Callan 6--
98/-/7/0/6/3/9THIS IS GLADIATOR (T261)* 11067 +16CP/TTC. S. Shum5119 -126K. C. Leung -2 7--
109/-/6/9/3/4/0LOYAL CRAFTSMAN (S354)11072 -2BD. Ferraris5118 -325-2K. Teetan 14--
119/8/8/5/4/2ATOMIC BLAST (T203)+ 11023 -4TTA. T. Millard5117 +224+2D. Whyte 4--
127/4/0/0/2/8VIVACIOUS WINNER (V061)+ 11189 -12CPD. Cruz4115 +422J. Moreira 8--
130/9/0/0/3/0LUCKY SEBRING (V091)21073 -9B/SR1Y. S. Tsui4114 -221-2H. W. Lai 1--
147/0/7/7/6/4MIZZEN GREY (N192)+ 11077 +1BNg Ting-keung8113 -419-2M. Chadwick 5--
R6/-/9/9/0/7/0HAPPY FRIENDSHIP (S074)2976 +3SRD. Ferraris6124 -331-2To Be Announced R---
R2/0/1/4/0/0DOUBLE POINT (S246)21046 +8V-C. Fownes6130 -237-1To Be Announced R---
+Trump Card
*Horse(s) with priority to run
1,2,3...Order of Trainer Preference
B :Blinkers
P :Pacifier
CP :Sheepskin Cheek Pieces
CO :Sheepskin Cheek Piece 1 side
CC :Cornell Collar
BO :Blinker with one cowl only
PC :Pacifier with cowls
TT :Tongue Tie
V :Visor
"1" :First time
XB :Crossed Nose Band
E :Ear Plugs
PS :Pacifier with 1 cowl V
V :Visor
"2" :Replaced
H :Hood
SR :Shadow Roll
SB :Sheepskin Browband
" - " :Removed


HOLY UNICORN (V179)throughout the race travelled wide and without cover and subsequently finished tailed out - Race 196 SWEET BEAN (S205)when questioned regarding the disappointing performance, rider stated that he was not able to offer any reason for the manner in which the horse gave ground from the 500M He said its last start success was achieved on the All Weather Track and it may be that the horse appreciated that surface more, but irrespective the horse shortened stride from the 500M to finish at the tail of the field - Race 383 FAITHFUL BOY (T089)when questioned, rider stated that after having to ride his mount along with the whip for some distance in the early stages to muster sufficient speed to cross runners to his inside, he was able to shift the horse in to race on the rail and in the lead passing the 1600M He said after obtaining the lead he immediately attempted to steady the tempo on the horse, however, it commenced to prove very difficult to settle and travelled keenly He said approaching the 1500M as he was continuing to restrain the horse, his saddle shifted forward which placed him at a significant disadvantage which made it more difficult for him to restrain it He added, despite his efforts, the horse continued to travel very keenly in the early and middle stages and would not settle and because of that the tempo that he set on the horse was much faster than he had wished - Race 409 LOYAL CRAFTSMAN (S354)when questioned, rider stated that after being required to race wide and without cover throughout the race, the horse became unbalanced when tightened near the 550M He said after that the horse appeared to lose interest in the race and gave ground noticeably in the Home Straight - Race 383 LUCKY SEBRING (V091)on jumping was crowded for room After that failed to muster speed despite being ridden along - Race 426 MIZZEN GREY (N192)when questioned, rider stated that after the 700M he was racing between a runner and another runner He said approaching the 600M the latter runner commenced to shift out which resulted in his mount racing tight between that runner and the former runner He said he considered steadying his mount and shifting to the outside of the former runner, however, he was of the view that that would have resulted in his mount racing very wide and covering unnecessary ground, therefore he elected to continue racing to the inside of the former runner and follow the latter runner through when that runner improved its position rounding the Home Turn He said that resulted in his mount being held up for clear running for some distance approaching and rounding the Home Turn - Race 345 DOUBLE POINT (S246)near the 900M was left racing wide and without cover - Race 400


DIGITAL PIONEER (V177)08/02/2017 Unacceptable performance(passed on 21/02/2017) HOLY UNICORN (V179) 20/11/2016 Unacceptable performance(passed on 17/01/2017) SWEET BEAN (S205) 02/02/2017 Unacceptable performance(passed on 18/02/2017) LOYAL CRAFTSMAN (S354) 02/02/2017 Unacceptable performance(passed on 14/02/2017)