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ALL TIMES LUCKY (P064) 天地福星 (Retired)

L. Ho / Rating: 15

Import Type / Colour / Sex / Age / Country of Origin:
PPG / ch / g / 8 yrs / AUS
Owner: Barry Wong Kam-keung & Wong Kam-fai
Last win: 17-12-14
Health: -
Sire: Written Tycoon
Dam: Bonus Clause

Past Performances
Total Starts: 58: (3-5-2)
ST 1000m: 1 (0-0-1)
ST 1200m: 5 (0-1-0)
ST 1400m: 8 (0-1-0)
ST 1600m: 1 (0-0-0)
ST aw 1200m: 3 (0-0-0)
HV 1000m: 7 (0-1-1)
HV 1200m: 28 (3-1-0)
HV 1650m: 5 (0-1-0)
RaceTrack/GoingDistClRankTrainerWt.JockeyDrGrWinner2nd3rdWin TimeLast QtrIn RunningW/MHorse WtRtOdds
21-06-17743HV tf g C1000511L. Ho106H. T. Mo7XB SPARKLING TALENTRUGBY DIAMONDHIGHLAND DRAGON0:57.423.1 11-11-113.251048152419
23-04-17589ST aw g -1200511L. Ho113H. W. Lai10XB JIMSON THE FAMOUSFORTUNE BROTHERSFOREVER FUN1:09.423.2 10-10-119.251046172854
29-03-17528HV tf g C+3120057L. Ho111T. H. So9XB GIDDY GIDDYGOLDEN GLORYHAYMAKER1:10.223.9 11-11-74.251047192268
08-03-17473HV tf g A100059L. Ho111T. H. So10XB SHOW MISSIONGIDDY GIDDYNOBLE BUDDIES0:57.423.1 11-9-96.251054191320
25-01-17362HV tf g C+3100052L. Ho111T. H. So6XB RUGBY DIAMONDALL TIMES LUCKYGIDDY GIDDY0:57.623.2 10-10-2.51049142739
27-12-16286ST tf g A+3120059L. Ho111T. H. So12XB LEAN JOURNEYINTELLECTUAL GLIDESTARRY STARLIES1:11.024.1 14-12-95.251051162942
30-11-16223HV tf g A1200510L. Ho111T. H. So3XB SHOWING CHARACTERFOREVER FUNSNOWHOOVES1:10.623.8 3-4-1041050181613
16-11-16186HV tf g C1200512L. Ho115C. Schofield9XB PEACE ON EARTHKING WINSAOPTIMISM1:10.623.4 3-3-126.251061201613
12-10-1695HV tf g B120058L. Ho115K. C. Leung10XB FORZA AVANTIIDYLLIC WINDTREASURE AND GOLD1:11.224.0 9-8-861025221221
10-07-16774ST tf g/f B+2120055C. H. Yip117T. H. So6XB RAY OF GOLDHAPPY SOUNDFANTASTICLIFE1:09.524.0 5-4-52.251033262036
01-06-16678HV tf g C+3165059C. H. Yip117K. C. Ng11XB FAITHFUL BOYMIGHTY WONGCHOYCASA MASTER1:40.824.0 10-10-11-951042291847
14-05-16638ST tf g C+31400510C. H. Yip125D. Whyte10XB2 PLENTY OF SPEEDSUPER KING STARBERNARD'S CHOICE1:22.624.0 10-7-5-105.251032322130
03-04-16528ST tf g B+21600512C. H. Yip123K. C. Ng1XB- UNIQUE JOYOUSINNOVATIVE WINNERHOLY STAR1:35.723.5 3-3-3-127.251040353685
16-03-16482HV tf g B1000510C. H. Yip130C. Schofield3XB OCTAL LUCKHIGHLAND DRAGONDOUBLE MASTER0:57.823.7 10-10-103.251032371617
09-03-16464HV tf g/y A1200511C. H. Yip132Z. Purton7XB FOREVER FUNWHISTLE BLOWERA FAST ONE1:10.723.7 6-8-11121032391612
17-02-16410HV tf g B1200411C. H. Yip107H. N. Wong8XB MISSION POSSIBLEHANG'S DECISIONHAYHAY1:10.523.6 3-3-119.251036411826
10-02-16390ST tf g C120044C. H. Yip108H. N. Wong1XB G-ONE BO BOFREE NOVEMBERHAMMER KING1:10.123.4 4-5-43.251036424369
23-12-15277HV tf g C1200411C. H. Yip112K. C. Ng10XB TIMELY ARRIVEDI'M A WITNESSMISSION POSSIBLE1:10.224.1 10-9-116.251046442899
02-12-15220HV tf g C+3120047C. H. Yip115K. C. Ng4XB ROCKET LET WINCRAIG'S FORTUNEBACK IN BLACK1:10.823.3 8-7-751056462434
14-11-15173ST tf g A+3140046C. H. Yip121C. Schofield4XB JOLLY JOLLYUNBEATABLE GUTSBOLD STITCH1:22.723.0 7-7-6-66.251044483899
25-10-15134ST tf g/f A1400411C. H. Yip118K. C. Ng7XB ELECTRONIC PHOENIXCLASSIC EMPERORGENERAL OF PATCH1:22.822.6 3-4-5-117.251030507599
14-10-15105HV tf g B1200412C. H. Yip122K. C. Leung10XB JOYFUL THE GREATPLANET CHOICEFUN TAPESTRY1:10.623.4 9-8-1211.251044522457
23-09-1550HV tf g C120047C. H. Yip121K. C. Ng7XB LOVELY NAUGHTYSTAR OF WAI BOMR GINGER1:11.223.9 9-9-72.51042531930
09-09-1515HV tf g A120046C. H. Yip124K. C. Leung8XB ROBUST MOMENTUMSTAR OF WAI BOHAPPY CHAMPION1:10.824.3 10-10-651041532025
05-07-15749ST tf g/f A+3100043C. H. Yip125A. Suborics6XB SECRET AGENTDIVINE BOYALL TIMES LUCKY0:56.522.5 4-5-3.51027524778
17-06-15703HV tf g/f C1000410C. H. Yip128A. Suborics12XB CALL ME ACHIEVERFANTASTICOTRENDIFUL0:57.222.5 11-9-106.251035543595
03-06-15667HV tf g/f A1200411C. H. Yip129A. Suborics9XB PEACE ON EARTHREAL FITBUNKER SHOT1:10.124.1 11-12-118.51039562337
24-05-15640ST tf g C+31400410C. H. Yip119H. N. Wong12XB BEAR-POPSHORT SQUEEZEGOLD DRAGON1:22.324.1 1-1-1-107.251043562238
06-05-15594HV tf g/f A120044C. H. Yip129O. Doleuze3XB HAPPY SURVEYSKING'S STEEDMY LEGEND1:10.223.2 3-3-4.5104455410
22-04-15556HV tf g/f C100043C. H. Yip128K. C. Leung8XB SHADOWFAXEJOYFUL THE GREATALL TIMES LUCKY0:57.122.8 12-10-341054561122
18-03-15473HV tf g C165047C. H. Yip130Z. Purton11XB KOKODATOM'S CHARMSPARKLING SWORD1:41.423.0 1-1-1-721049561123
11-02-15385HV tf g/f B120044C. H. Yip131Z. Purton4XB HAPPY HOMINGNO TIESFRIENDS OF YAN OI1:10.523.1 6-6-42.251062563.33.1
14-01-15313HV tf g B120042C. H. Yip127A. Suborics10XB MONTE CASTELLOALL TIMES LUCKYWHISTLE BLOWER1:11.023.4 9-8-2N1057542448
17-12-14244HV tf g/f B120041C. H. Yip123J. Moreira5XB ALL TIMES LUCKYMONTE CASTELLOTHOR THE GREATEST1:10.423.0 2-2-1H1048495.35.9
03-12-14208HV tf g C+3120044C. H. Yip124B. Prebble12XB SILVER DRAGONBALTIC WARRIORCHARITY KINGDOM1:10.223.8 11-10-41.251051501310
19-10-1496HV tf g/f A120044C. H. Yip123B. Prebble10XB EXCEL ONESELFJOLLY POSHMI SAVVY1:10.523.2 8-9-431035501131
21-09-1420ST tf g/f B+2120042C. H. Yip122Z. Purton10XB UNIQUE JOYFULALL TIMES LUCKYFUJIAN SPIRIT1:10.123.5 7-3-21.251033491015
01-07-14754ST tf g A+3140048C. H. Yip123T. Berry2XB KYNAMYOUNG TALENTMY GOAL1:23.423.3 9-8-6-83103249119.4
28-05-14660HV tf g/f A120041C. H. Yip117T. Berry3XB ALL TIMES LUCKYYOU ARE THE ONESILVER DRAGON1:10.823.3 7-5-1DH1023427.54
07-05-14604HV tf g B120046C. H. Yip115K. C. Leung11XB KING DERBYLORD DRAGONNEW PET1:10.223.6 4-4-64.51027432321
27-04-14577ST tf g/f A1400414C. H. Yip114T. H. So12XB LUCKY WARRIORMIGHTY EQUUSMARK TWO1:23.023.3 3-5-9-149.251033431726
30-03-14514ST tf g A+3140042C. H. Yip112T. H. So5XB PENNY LANEALL TIMES LUCKYOSCAR MIRACLE1:23.123.2 5-5-5-2SH1041411827
12-03-14468HV tf g B120044C. H. Yip113T. H. So8XB PEARL WINFRIENDS OF YAN OINAUGHTY BABY1:10.822.9 3-2-42.51044411023
19-02-14409HV tf g C120051C. H. Yip126Z. Purton2XB ALL TIMES LUCKYRED ADVENTURENOVEL START1:10.623.0 4-3-12.51046335.94.5
05-02-14373HV tf g A165057C. H. Yip130T. Angland12XB1/TGOOD TIMES ROLLHONG KONG FATDARK SECRET1:41.524.5 8-8-8-73.251037351212
08-01-14307HV tf g B120055C. H. Yip125K. C. Ng2TT FRIENDS OF YAN OIRAY OF GOLDNOVEL START1:10.423.4 6-7-51.51063361714
26-12-13267HV tf g/f A165057C. H. Yip129Z. Purton4TT YOUNG HAPPYCASA JUNIORMARVEL PLUS1:41.623.9 3-3-3-72.51055362.63
11-12-13231HV tf g/f B165052C. H. Yip127Z. Purton4TT SUPER TEAMALL TIMES LUCKYMARVEL PLUS1:41.023.6 4-4-4-2SH106034147.5
20-11-13175HV tf g C120055C. H. Yip128K. C. Ng10TT SHANGHAI PIONEERSERENDIPITYGREAT ALEXANDER1:10.223.5 11-10-531043362237
30-10-13119ST aw g -1200512C. H. Yip132Z. Purton2TT DIAMOND ANGELMEGASPLENDID GUY1:09.123.6 2-1-12101046391117
01-10-1346ST tf g/f C+31400412C. H. Yip109K. C. Ng10TT DOUBLE DRAGONWINNING BOYLUCKY GAINS1:22.223.9 1-1-1-124.251063416299
11-09-1313HV tf g/f A100048C. H. Yip113T. H. So4TT GOLDEN BAUHINIASPEEDYGONZALEZRED LUCKY STAR0:57.123.0 7-7-84.251055413928
04-07-13742HV tf g/f A120048C. H. Yip118T. Berry2TT1 CHINA POWERRED COURAGEWINSOME1:09.823.6 9-7-83.51052455.25.4
12-06-13686ST aw f/t -120048C. H. Yip114K. C. Ng5 AMBITIOUS GLORYHURRY HURRY UPGERONIMO MEADOW1:09.223.8 3-1-89.251058471815
15-05-13612HV tf g B120045C. H. Yip114K. C. Ng3 JAZZY FEELINGBORN TO WINDEMON DEMON1:10.123.5 4-4-521062483035
17-04-13537HV tf g/y B120047C. H. Yip123Y. T. Cheng8 HIGHEST ACCLAIMJAZZY FEELINGHONG KONG DANCER1:10.623.8 7-9-75.251054501826
06-03-13438HV tf g A120049C. H. Yip125Y. T. Cheng9 IMPECCABLEGOOD HONG KONGTRUE COURAGE1:10.623.9 8-7-92.251020521925
27-01-13343ST tf g B1200414C. H. Yip127Z. Purton11 BULLISH FRIENDGREAT CHARMLITTLE MEN1:09.923.0 5-5-1412.251032521119

HKJC Comment

Tightened at start settling one from last, in similar position to the straight, made no show.