Hong Kong Sevens

Sevens fans plead for live act to take centre stage

Fans enjoy tribute band Queen Extravaganza, but don’t understand why they are near the North Stand

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 30 March, 2014, 12:31am
UPDATED : Sunday, 30 March, 2014, 1:18am

Logistics, time constraints and an antiquated stadium infrastructure conspire against it, but fans again pleaded for the headline entertainment act to be moved to centre stage on the pitch.

Tribute act Queen Extravaganza followed the Beach Boys from last year as the main entertainment, but again had to settle for a spot in front of the North Stand.

Then again, they might not have performed at all if Amber and her rainstorm decided to return, as forecast, after causing a 25-minute halt in the action a few hours earlier and the March Past was sacrificed.

I danced with other people when they performed Radio Ga Ga, my favourite song
Marco Tassone

Emilia Ng, 21, attending her first Sevens thanks to a friend giving her a ticket, wished the stage could be set in the centre of the field.

"I don't know if that's feasible. But if it's technically not allowed, I would suggest they set two stages, one at the original position, and the other in front of the South Stand.

"Then the band can sing songs in front of different crowds alternatively," said Ng, a second year associate degree student in aviation logistics at City University of Hong Kong.

"Having somebody sing We Are the Champions live is just great. I heard they broadcast Katy Perry's latest hit Roar too, and to me that's a perfect match with the occasion. It would be great if they can have the artist sing it on stage, the best person would be Katy Perry," said Ng.

Kelson Figaro, the 29-year-old fly-half of Trinidad and Tobago who exited the qualifying competition yesterday, said the South Stand should be the backdrop to the live acts.

"I haven't watched such shows in other Sevens tournaments. I would suggest they set up the stage in front of the South Stand.

"People there would be excited and sing along really loud. That would be cool," said Figaro, sitting in the players' box at the North Stand.

"This is my second time to Hong Kong - my first Sevens was in 2009," said Figaro, who tried to go into the South Stand, but gave up because of a four- to five-hour wait in a queue.

While some fans complained they could not hear the music, Marco Tassone, a geologist from Perth, was impressed even though he was sitting at the far end of the West Stand.

"This is my fifth time to Hong Kong, but the first time to the Sevens. My friends working in Hong Kong have been here six or seven times and they told me this is the best Sevens tournament in the world.

"That's why I booked a package of flight and Sevens tickets to come here," said Tassone, 41.

"I think the show was perfect. I danced with other people when they performed Radio Ga Ga, my favourite song. I would like to come again," he added.