Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens 2016

Bjorn Again ready to give Hong Kong’s Dancing Queens and kings the time of their lives

Australia’s ABBA tribute band is looking forward to performing during the Hong Kong Sevens week

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 02 April, 2016, 6:44pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 03 April, 2016, 9:26am

They are the tribute band to end all tribute bands.

In 1988, Björn Again started off in a pub in Collingwood, Melbourne, morphing music and stand-up comedy.

This was before the movie soundtracks for Muriel’s Wedding and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert helped make legendary Swedish group ABBA famous again, and way before Mamma Mia.

Now they will hit the Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens, starting with the HKSevens Kick Off Concert across from the stadium on Wednesday night alongside The Proclaimers and David Hasselhoff.

Showing total respect, Benny Andersson – one of the real ABBA members – said in 1989: “Björn Again are the closest thing you will ever get to seeing ABBA.”

The Down-Under Dopplegangers are spookily similar to the ABBA stars, and have called themselves Agnetha Falstart, Benny Anderwear, Frida Longstokin and Björn Volvo-US.

The band also has a bass guitarist, Rutger Sonofagunn and drummer Ola Drumkitt, paying homage to ABBA session musicians Rutger Gunnarsson and Ola Brunkert.

On stage, they dress like ABBA and speak in “Swenglish”, with one-liners seguing between songs as smoothly as satin trousers on a seventies waterbed.

Robby Nimmo asks Björn Volvo-US and Frida Longstockin, what the band will add to Sevens week.

Frida: We have been to Hong Kong many times in our 27-year career. We even helped the Chinese get Hong Kong back from the Poms.

Björn: Yes, we played at the Handover in 1997. We did three big gigs and the one at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club as Britannia sailed past was a real treat.

Frida: And to take part in such an amazing event that draws people from all over the world, I love the city. Plus, we can’t wait to meet The Hoff!

Björn: Now settle down Frida, Benny won’t like you saying that.

Frida: Benny who??? I better pack my red Baywatch swimsuit.

Frida: I’m especially looking forward to meeting The COM-Plainers.

Björn: It’s the Pro-Claimers, Frida my sweet.

Frida: Sorry Björn. But won’t they be too tired after walking all those 500,000 MILES from Scottish-land?


You’ve performed for an eclectic bunch from Russian leader Vladimir Putin to golfer Colin Mongomerie: can you give any highlights of those gigs?

Björn: I love people who are into electric things like guitars and amps and all that loud stuff.

Frida: Gee Björn, what are you on today? She said ‘eclectic’.

Anyway. Yes we have performed to so many celebs it’s hard to keep count. My favourite is Dave Grohl who is our No 1 stalker. I also loved meeting Lionel Richie, U2, and Mr Bean was a very funny man but he doesn’t say much.

Björn: We also played at Russell Crowe’s wedding in Coffs Harbour, Australia, back in 2003. It was wonderful, he and Danni loved us.

I think blonde Danni wants to join the band as she is a top singer, but no-one is better than my Agnetha.

Frida: True Bjorn. We also played MONEY, MONEY, MONEY to Bill Gates in LA in 2003 which was bizarre.

He’s done quite well that man – he is nearly as rich as us.

How will the Sevens fit into that gig list? Is it all downhill or uphill from here?

Björn: I hope it is not an uphill walk to the gig from the hotel as I’ll get blisters in my platform shoes.

Frida: I think she means what will the Sevens be like compared to all our other touring!

We have played at so many sporting events all over the world like the IPL cricket in Mumbai where we met that Shane with his white teeth.

Björn: We’ve played on the pitch for Manchester United at Old Trafford – now that was a huge thrill. We have also played at lots of AFL (Aussie Rules Football) games in Australia where they have huge crowds.

But we haven’t played at a rugby tournament yet so we are looking forward to it.

Are you rugby fans?

Frida: Yes – can any boys out there explain the off-slide rule?

Björn: It’s off -side, Frida!

Will you stay in character for the tournament in Sevens tradition? Do you expect to be noticed, or will you blend into the Scanda-hooligans among the Boris Beckers and Britt Ecklands in the South Stand?

Frida: Excuse me, but we are world leaders in fashion. In fact, we started all the glitzy glam sparkly fashions back in the 70s!

What do ABBA say about you?

Björn: Benny and Björn said way back that anyone who looks like them ought to have a successful career. How nice.

Frida: We haven’t met Agnetha or Frida yet. W hope to one day and ‘’thank them for their music’’.

Who do you think will win the Sevens?

Björn: I am going for Australia as that is our new home.

Frida: I’m going for Sweden. Are they playing this year?

Any clues as to the songs you will be playing in Hong Kong?

Frida: We will play some amazing music that will get everyone from all nations singing and dancing together like they were all ONE NATION!

Björn: Björn Again will get the party started with our beautiful melodies and amazing fashion sense.

Be ready Hong Kong Sevens. Like in the words of Dancing Queen, you will have the time of your life.