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Football hooliganism in Hong Kong? Filipino fans claim racial abuse

Football match at Mong Kok Stadium turns not-so-friendly

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 June, 2013, 11:28am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 June, 2013, 4:43pm

Hong Kong football fans were accused of racial abuse, including yelling “you’re all just slaves”, as an international friendly turned not-so-friendly at Mong Kok Stadium on Tuesday night.

Social media sites were alive on Wednesday morning with Philippines fans accusing a section of the Hong Kong supporters of “calling us a slave nation”, throwing bottles at mostly women and children and booing the Philippine national anthem.

One Filipino called it a “traumatic experience”, while another said she was reduced to tears.

One expatriate fan said he was disgusted by the Hong Kong supporters, who were further incensed as Hong Kong went on to lose the game 1-0.

“At the end of the game there were ugly scenes when the Philippines side tried to celebrate with their fans and were subjected to such abuse - verbal, gestures and physical - as they were pelted with bottles and other objects,” the Englishman told the South China Morning Post on Wednesday morning.

“Then I was even more disgusted to hear some local guys shouting to the group of Philippine men, women and children, who were happily celebrating, that they were 'all just slaves'...and making obscene gestures to them.”

He said they also booed loudly throughout the playing of the national anthem and it was not reciprocated by the many Filipinos during the Chinese anthem, as they stood with reasonable respect.

The expat said he would normally cheer his “home” team Hong Kong, but after “the pathetic and boorish behaviour of the locals during the anthem, and then jeering every time the Filipinos started to cheer their team, I very quickly switched to supporting the underdogs”.

Another fan said security staff tried their best to bring order.

One fan suggested there was still a lot of ill-feeling between Hong Kong and the Philippines after eight Hongkongers died in the Manila hostage crisis in 2010 when sacked policeman Rolando Mendoza hijacked a tour bus and opened fire.

The incident also comes amid debate about racism in Hong Kong after a map created by The Washington Post based on data from the World Values Survey last month revealed that 26.8 per cent of Hongkongers did not want a neighbour of a different race.

Misinterpreted data in an earlier version of the map put the figure at 71.8 per cent, which suggested that Hong Kong was one of the least racially tolerant cities in the world. 

While the revised results were less startling, they were still high by comparison with much of the world, alongside Malaysia, the Philippines and France. 

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the filipinos remained respectful,classy and well mannered the whole time...kudos to them and to the hongkong people...better luck next time and better behavior next time as well
Does HK still shamelessly promote itself as "Asia's World City"? If so, it needs to be stripped of this title. Such shameful behavior…
well that goes to say HK'ers still have a long way to go along the path to a "civilised society"
I am disgusted as a HK-er.
Some Hong Kong people nowadays are very radical. The quality of the city is deteriorating.
I hope HKFA investigate the reports in this match. It was a disgracefully night and does not encourage or promote football in the correct way. There were many HKFA inadequacies including:
1/ the quality of match referee when clearly a Filipino player was hit in the face by a HK player and not sent off. 2 legged slide tackle from a HK player did not even receive a caution.
2/ Official stadium advertisement material in English that says it was a Fight International.
3/ Should have segregated sections for away fans.
4/ HKFA needs to lead and educate the correct behavior in these events.
PS I am HK born (with Chinese heritage)
Now now, football match and government issues are two different things and football should not be the venue for your frustrations that did not happened on the football field. Football federations are at times banned by FIFA with this issue.
And talking about the behaviors and provoking, was it the home fans booed first during the national anthem of the Philippines?
Hongkongers, stop complaining, stop criticizing! Look what have our people done! Some of us have lost their mind. A basic attitude should be known that “everyone has a right to be treated with respect” which should have been taught in kindergarten. They won’t do it. Why did they still behave naively? I feel shame that I am a hongkonger!
It's China's fault! It's China's fault! Everything wrong with Hong Kong is China's fault! What a bunch of losers. Very disappointed with Hong Kong.
Its a step backwards for Hong Kong sportsmanship! Very disappointing for Hong Kong sports fans....very unbelievably low. The Philippines people were calm, cool and collected during the entire time.
As it was my first time to ever watch football live on the field, I didn't know what to expect other than the fact that the Filipinos would be outnumbered in terms of fans. It was a good mix of shock, amazement and disappointment - shock because of the happenings, amazement because of the strong skills both of the team showcased, and disappointment because of the way the Hong Kong fans behaved. Surely, there were some of the passive ones who were just there to watch the game but there were those people who were rooting for their city's team in an intolerable manner. It goes without saying that Hong Kong would cheer their hearts out to their team but the way they regarded their team's opponents was sad. Yes, sad. Why? In contrast to international titles claimed, the Hong Kong people showed that they lacked the international etiquette, the top one being showing respect.
Deep-rooted sentiments surfaced yesterday night, I think that was that. The friendly match wasn't a friendly match as even certain players in the Hong Kong team played a little dirty(as per my opinion). Either it was desperation to score or they didn't want to disappoint their people.
What fascinated me was the fact that the Azkals seemed to be unnerved by it all and did what they can not to let the Filipinos down. Win or lose last night, they were the winners in showing what sportsmanship and respect meant.
Shame. Sorry to those ppls affected or insulted.
Oh well, I also want to thank the South China Morning Post for allowing us an opportunity to gripe or reflect about what happened. Thank you very much, South China Morning Post! We appreciate this opportunity and understanding, although some of us might have sounded unfortunately annoying. To the Philippine fans, on behalf of sports...we hope you find it in your heart to forgive those who acted like "hooligans." To the hooligans, let's be better hosts next time, your issues with the Philippines has nothing to do with soccer, otherwise don't invite them in Hong Kong next time. I can go on and on but if Asia wanted to unite, let's act better toward each other.
seriously if you were at the game you will see a different view don't just judge the papers. The game went to 1-0 lost to Hong Kong but it was friendly until one of the Filipino player (the no.4) started to come to the Hong Kong fans crowd and started to be rude to us pointing at the scoreboard and laughed at us, that's when thing started to get rough, and on the way out of the stadium the Filipino on the stand started to do the same pointing and laughing, I remember one of the Filipino woman pointed and said "thank you very much"with a really rude way and pointing at the scoreboard I don't think it was the hong konger started first, in football there is always boos and stuff you can't say it racism.
Dear Filipinos, you might want to read the posts of people from Singapore (check out the link above). Please let us now unite against these people. I don't want to think that this is an ethnic thing but now I'm starting to doubt. They hate us, not all maybe but lots of them do. We should now, if possible, avoid going to these places as tourists (there are other places where we can tour), avoid going to these places to work (hope more jobs in PH will be available soon, calling government and private sectors!) or even buying their products. This is the time to be united. Our society may not be better than them but we shouldn't let them do this to us. Mabuhay ang Pilipino! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas, lahing Maharlika!
Without trying to be racist, this is what bothers me: 上行下效--the Chinese idiom that roughly equates to "people in lower class follow what their leaders in the upper class do." Again, I'm not trying to be racist, but I may point fingers and those of you who are Chinese might understand where those fingers are pointed.
Analysis has shown that HK's current racist views were brought on heavily by British colonial rule, but the Chinese government itself doesn't seem to mind the attitude of racism, so if 上行下效 is true, what's there to stop them now?
Individual Filipinos have long proven that they are above 上行下效. For centuries, the Filipinos have decried the inconsistencies in our governments, and for centuries, we have each, as citizen Filipinos, worked to change that. Though we may not be as well educated or as affluent as the Chinese, individual Filipinos understand that, while our government may be steeped in its share of corruption, that doesn't serve as an umbrella term to describe each and everyone of us.
And so, instead of reflecting our government in our words and actions, Filipinos are willing to work hard--even to the point of leaving our country in order to uplift its image among outsiders with our efforts. Ask any Filipino and they will tell you that we are with the HKers when it comes to what happened in 2010--we hate our government for that.
We hate 上行下效. So why can't individual Chinese hate 上行下效 too? Why can't we work together to bring peace for all?
Sorry but can't help to reply. So are you saying that because fans in Europe are doing it, it's fine? As an Asian I think we shouldn't follow them. Maybe we just expected much from HK fans then. FIFA is now strict with racism.
It's also a different story because they disrespected PH's national anthem. It was a friendly game but they brought a black banner reminding people about the hostage crisis in 2010. Other HKers here already apologized. Personally, I hope whatever we have against each other will be resolved soon. Hating each other wouldn't add a single day to our lives.
That info about Singapore netizens was shared & readily available online. They were clearly anti-Filipinos. The hostage taking last 2010 was tragic. Do you think we were not hurt & embarrassed too? Yes there were others who were quite insensitive but it didn't mean all of PH were. Do you really need to remind us every time about happened? It was a friendly football game for goodness sake!
About the discrimination of Chinese in PH, I don’t think it's that huge. Have we walked Manila’s streets or any other major PH city to ask our government to get rid of your kind in our land even if it’s a known fact that some if not most Chinese businessmen don’t pay proper taxes? Did we have surveys asking who we hate the most or the least (there was a survey recently showing HK-ers citing they hate us the most & it was posted in Yahoo). Your kind (not all) who just migrated here & we accepted to be part of our society treat us as second class citizens in our own land & that is a fact. You can do more research if you don't believe. There are also not good Filipinos overseas but don’t tell me all overseas Chinese are saints.
Again, it was a friendly match. Disrespecting our national anthem was uncalled for. Calling us a nation of slaves was unfortunate. Others who watched the game even came all the way from Manila to support our team & were not working or living in HK. I’m trying to understand the anger but those disrespectful HK fans should learn to control themselves & be civilized.
There are good and bad people in any countries in the world. PH and HK City are not an exception. It is NO EXCUSE for people to act that way, regardless of reason(s).
What happened in the past in August 2010 to Chinese-American, Chinese-Canadians, HongKong-Chinese and Mainland Chinese in the botched tourist rescue operation in Metro Manila should NOT be the issue here, that is if HK-Chinese are still keeping the hatred. If people won't learn to "FORGIVE" they will always "ACT" hatred towards that person. Unsatisfactory response by PH govt during that time should not be act upon filipinos visiting Hong Kong City this time. You have to know that filipinos are also a victim of their own corrupt government. Spare the innocent filipinos who are also NOT very fond of their corrupt govt officials from their current Vice President to their own smallest Barangay unit. It is so rampant that if these corrupt officials didn't touch any money, they will evaporate. Sad isn't it?
Having said this, Hong Kong should act as a great host to visitors. Just like when friends visit your house, you do your very best to accommodate and respect your guests. The same etiquette applies to this scenario. Treat people with respect, and you will get respect back.
Respect is earned, not given. Let bygones by bygones. Holding grudges won't move you forward.
Racist behaviour should not be tolerated anywhere. The fact that Yuna can pick up a conversation thread by a few netizens based in Singapore and tar the whole country with the same brush just reflects her victimised mentality or innate racism towards a certain group. I have encountered gracious and hardworking Pinoys and Pinays in the Lion City across all employment sectors - pros and maids - as much as those who are better off going home - e.g. crooks and prostitutes. Before Yuna rants at others, she should ask herself why so many Filipinos have to work abroad. Above all how the Filipino upper classes treat the lower classes in the country, and how some of these Filipinos themselves treat those who hail from poorer countries like Myanmar. I have encountered ill treatment with my own eyes. Its common knowledge that a third of Filipinos live below the poverty line because the rich don't give a damn. Yuna should not pretend that there is no racism in the Philippines. For years, the ethnic Chinese in her country were poked fun at and viewed with suspicion. I'm sure if the fishing trawler was American and not Taiwanese/Chinese, it would not have been shot at. Pictures of the local police force posing in front of the tour bus tragedy that claimed the lives of 8 Hong Kong citizens is also nothing to be proud of. In fact, it's downright sickening. Such incompetence at the highest levels, as well as the crass behaviour of some of its diaspora abroad reflect badly on the country.
I am an American of Chinese descent and embarrassed about how my fellow HK citizens behaved in a sportsmanship game. As a Chinese, how can the world respect us to lead, if we cannot even show a sense of sportsman-like conduct for a football game? I am ashamed for this behavior and beg for forgiveness and understanding NOT only to the Philippines but also to the world. As a Chinese, I hope that we learn to behave like civilized people and embrace how civilized people act when we lose a football game. There is just NO EXCUSES for my fellow Chinese conduct in this game. No excuses! This is absolutely un-Chinese like!
I'm a Chinese/Filipino (Dad chinese Mom Filipina) I was born and raised here in Hong Kong fluent both Cantonese and Tagalog.Culturally I'm more Hong Kong-nese than Filipino but I'm always encouraged to learn from both. Regardless of what happened two-three years ago,it's not an excuse to use it in this context. It's just a game.I was there that night, and I was ashamed to be a HongKonger.
I was there to root for both my country. Hong Kong and Philippines.
But what really got me was when a Filipino player was on the sidelines,this kid,can't be more than 15-16, was flipping him the finger, while shouting "F**k you Philippines"
Racism exist here in HK and that's a fact.
This could easily be explained by the location of the match. Having it take place in Mongkok, this will usually attract the scums of Hong Kong, regardless of age. I've been to many matches for work experience, and I have witnessed Hong Kong-ers not standing up for their own national anthem and teenage kids giving referees the finger with hate in their eyes when they walk back into the tunnel for half time. But honestly, is this not the typical and hypocritical Hong Kong behaviour?
Its a football game ... the players did not shoot anyone but gave up their time to play what was quite an entertaining game ...
You forgot the National Anthem at the start and the jeering from HK each time the opposition got the ball .. way before there was any score...
Proud be a Filipino... giving respect to the disrespectful.
Thank you though I do not wish any harm for them but I just hope they will treat us properly. What happened to the Jews in WW2 was completely horrible and sad. Something like that should not happen again even to other ethnicities. I pray for Israel and its people like I pray for the Philippines, the Filipinos and other nations. May peace and harmony reign on earth.
It is simply **** to say that the Hong Kong fans were supposedly "provoked". Some people are clearly just trying to share the blame for the stupid actions of those stupid Hong Kong fans in the stands that night ...
Philippines government needs to uphold sanctions against Hong Kong and Blacklist them to show that they should never hurt innocent people
I am a supporter of Hong Kong football team and I was at the Mong Kok Stadium for the friendly match of HK vs Philippines last night. The home team losing in the friendly match didn't make the home fans so angry at the Filipinos. Instead, the trigger was the "hostage-taking Incident" in the Rizal Park in Manila in August 2010. Hong Kong fans wanted to grab this chance to raise the attention from all over the world and to put pressure on the Government as it was an international friendly match.
Also, I want to talk about the behaviors of two players of Filipino National Team. They are no.4 and no.17. I sat near the cheering area of Hong Kong team last night. After the international friendly match ended, these two players did some provoking behaviors towards us. Definitely it was not an appropriate behavior.
Furthermore, since Hong Kong is an international city, different foreign people with different races lived here. Racism is never a problem in Hong Kong.
I have to admit that some behaviors of Hong Kong fans are inappropriate. But some players of Filipino National Team also behaved inappropriately and provoked the fans of Hong Kong. And the anger of Hong Kongers is based on the massacre in August 2010. It is better to mention about the leading factors of the behaviors of Hong Kong fans. Last thing I want to express is that, once you want respect from others, please behave yourself and respect others first.
I think HK tops the racist list and also recent European hooliganism comments... Well done HK! finally good for something :D
In all, I also admire the Philippines audience for behaving very well and respectful of the hooligans (as described in this newspaper article) despite the disgraceful and uncivilized display by the Hong Kong audience. I have met many cultures and visited lots of places but the Philippines people are still by far the kindest and hardworking I have met.
I may be Chinese, but I'm proud to be Canadian! Such behaviour is disgraceful. They should've allowed the security staff to mace those bigots, especially after they resorted to violence. They may attribute the anger to the Mendoza incident, but really, some Hong Kongers are just racist.
Tip of the hat to the Filipino fans though, if they interrupted the singing of O Canada, I would've gone after them.
Can you imagine a 7years old chinese boy told me this evening,that i was a **** woman!what kind of kid he is?cause he keep on listening what his chinese parents telling to each other...Many chinese people also hiring filipino,indonesian helpers without money to pay,no food to eat inside the house only eggs,small houses..Just want to hire helpers just to let other people think that they are rich?funny!not respectful people,undiscipline...maybe they dont know that filipinos helpers are the one who teaching them how to speak English ..
We need to buy Filipino now and before touring outside, we need to consider touring the rest of our 7,107 islands first before going to places where others clearly hate us. Choose Philippines! This is the time Filipinos. Enough is enough. We are more than 90 million strong plus those in the diaspora. Para sa Inang Bayan!
Mabuhay filipinos!!we are respectful people,religious,educated compared to hongkong people..were talking about football game ..not hostage massacre ...to all hongkongers just accept that filipino football team are the best..we need sportsmanship @ respect !!!
Don’t mind these disrespectful ‘people’ they will be wipe down with SARS again because their DNA are vulnerable with this virus :).
Remember that the Jews were also slaves but the God of Abraham brought them back to their homeland (as it was called the land of milk and honey). Then later were abused and humiliated again in WW2. Take note, now, they are the most influential and richest people on the planet earth. As Empires rise and fall, time will come that it will be the same with the Filipinos.
racist chants is not unique to hongkong. anyone following English Premier League, Serie A and La Liga know very well that racial chanting against black players, including tossing bananas on the pitch is common.
There was no provocation whatsoever. Those racist HK fans had even a black banner about the incident in 2010. Okay a Filipino did something terrible last 2010. It was a blunder. We were sorry and embarrassed. If I had control of the situation back then, I would have taken an action that would make the outcome different. Past is past though. You can't blame all of us of what happened before. Do we need to be reminded every time and do you really need to do that in a friendly football match? Do you really need to tell us that we are nation of slaves when only a few percent of our population are domestic workers (what's wrong of being one by the way)?You can rally at the Philippine embassy or consulate all you want but don't do that when people are just there to root for their national team.
Not all Chinese are bad, fact. But disrespecting a nation's national anthem during a football match and calling people "slaves" are characteristics of people who are racists. Why on earth are you angry with the whole Filipino nation when the crime in 2010 wasn't the act of all Filipinos? You look down on Filipinos just because you encounter only some Filipinos who you think have lower socio-economic status than yours. Actually you should be thankful that there are still Filipinos who like to serve you in spite of your rudeness. News flash! Not all Filipinos are maids but you need to go out of your palaces in HK to know that. No matter what you say, HK people now are branded racists. Sorry for those who are not.
And no one was surprised.
I understand this is a disrespectful act by the Hong Kong fans and it should not have happened especially against the Filipino fans. However, think deeply why would this happen only to the Filipino but not the other visiting teams. I think this is because of the Manila hostage incident and the more recent Taiwan fisherman incident. The Filipino government failed to solve these issues and especially the arrogant attitude by the Filipino president Aquino. Should the people of Philippines elect such an impotent president to represent their country and try to provoke other countries' people. Instead of making friends but making enemies.
The issue here is about how Hong Kong soccer sports fans treated their Filipino visitors NOT anything else, clear and simple. Let's also understand that this behavior is not all of Hong Kong, let's make this clear. Let's also delineate this from the general mainland Chinese. It's a very disappointing and uncivilized behavior for Hong Kong fans...very unfortunate.
Discrimination against people from Myanmar? Never heard of it. I've never encountered someone from Myanmar in the Philippines. If there is indeed & you can PROVE it, I will apologize then. If you feel you are discriminated by my people, I apologize too. Mister I've been silent about injustices your kind are doing in my country but disrespecting our national anthem (never mind the slave tag cause it was their opinion though it was sad) really irked me. I'm not making this up. I can prove it. Good thing our family never gave up a land descendants of a man from China claimed. It was an ancestral land & we've been paying taxes for years. Then out of a blue, someone told us it was theirs. They had a title (later proven not legit) but no deed of sale. No one in our family sold it. Those people didn't even know where it was located.
Don't underestimate the Filipino. We may have internal problems (who don't have?) but we love this land. You should understand the lines in our national anthem. "…Sa manlulupig di ka pasisiil….Aming ligaya na pag may mang-aapi, ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo." We, invaders after invaders, have fought for this country because we are willing to die for it.
But thank you for those who apologized. Thank you for understanding where we are coming from.
I never admire hongkong people ..sorry to say that but its true...I never feel happy to live here in Hongkong for how many years..
The last sentence seems like you are a frog croaking in the well.
Now, I understand why mainland Chinese call some Hong Kong people names. It's not worth my time, lol.
You are just a banana pretending and dreaming of being white or grey.
FIFA should sanction the Hong Kong F.A. for tolerating this cowardly, racist behaviour, as it has sanctioned F.A.s in other countries. And what were the HK Police doing when bottles were being thrown by these cowards? Perhaps they were enjoying the spectacle?
It's just a game!
That is bad for Hong Kong, our industry relies on tourism, how can we be a world city with behavior like that. I guess the fact that HK lost is a just reward. Pathetic!
why ariticle didn't even mention filipin football player's proovation, those who have speech that sport team is innocent please see how normal filipino doing after the Manila hostage massacre:
filipino govt still owe hker an apologie, and what is the logic of Medoza & filipin police are not representing all filipinos, but racist is entitled to all Hkers?
With all due respect SY, it's precisely the way you overgeneralise Filipinos (e.g. digging all those sad news) reopens the wound of Hong Kong people. First of all, this thread is about the football match, not the hostage massacre. There are other ways to express your disappointment. It's quite clear at the beginning of this news article that it's about the racist attitude of "Hong Kong football fans". I myself disagree with people who generalise all Hong Kong people as racist - not all of them are. One thing that many Filipinos at the match couldn't understand was that why those Hong Kong football fans had to insult the Filipinos fans to the point where they boo-ed the singing of Filipino national anthem, not to mention the bird-flipping that some Hong Kong fans did.
The game itself has nothing to do with the massacre. Losing a game isn't a valid excuse to insult one's country. 願賭服輸, that's sportsmanship. And it's a fact that Mendoza and Philippine police don't represent the entire Filipino race. If one follows your logic, I guess everyone who employs Filipino domestic helpers should start worrying about their families about being massacred.
artdig88: "I was at the stadium as well where there were a mixture of both supporters and when the captain of the Filipino team approached near the side to greet their fans a plastic cup full of water was thrown at the captain. In addition a HK supporter stood on railing and gave the "bird" with both hands and thumping his chest ... there was no reaction from the player even under such provocations ..." A class Filipino act indeed. After all, it was the beautiful game. Meanwhile, that HK-er was like a gorilla....and these PH haters online like to call PH a banana republic. Now who needs bananas? Sorry again for those who are good and classy HK-ers.
I just wanna say that Hongkong people dont know how to respect others and luck of discipline.What they think is that they are the best people in the world..How many years I live here in hongkong I saw how very rude they are.Were talking about football not the hostage for the past few years..Why should you get mad to all filipinos?The reason is that cause filipino team won football..you dont want to accept that you didn't win funny!
Exactly Kaihanghenry respect is both ways and there were certain many more instances of provocation from Hk fans that I saw. Booing the national anthem is very disrespectful in any situation ... at a friendly game it is even worst.
I was at the stadium as well where there were a mixture of both supporters and when the captain of the Filipino team approached near the side to greet their fans a plastic cup full of water was thrown at the captain. In addition a HK supporter stood on railing and gave the "bird" with both hands and thumping his chest ... there was no reaction from the player even under such provocations ...
It's unfortunate that SCMP probably isn't the place where people would throw racist insults (or is it?).
Given that change in this aspect is unlikely given that HK people genuinely dislike the Filipino people and its government, I would expect this behaviour to not only continue, but to be escalated.
Probably in the long term, as the population gets younger and people no longer want domestic maids, then this problem may solve itself as the Filipino population slowly decreases in the next several decades.
Would note that this probably wouldn't have happened to an Indonesian or Malaysian team.
The Chinese man exactly said PHILIPPINES SLAVERY **** WHILE LOOKING AT ME SO I reply him back WE ARE NOT SLAVE WE ARE JUST HARD WORKING! One Chinese man also talking very angry that his eyes almost jump out of anger even he is infront of the police man I know this all because he is looking at me as I was on near the stair case! I have so much respect for the Hk team and Hk fans as I am one of their supporters also during the season! But naming us PHILIPPINES SLAVERY **** is very oppressive!
Hongkong people dont know the meaning of sportsmaship @ respect..need to go back to school and learn or need to search in dictionary.I love Philippines than Hongkong...
Sportmanship at it's best! KUDOS to the Philippine team and fans! SPORTS does not equal politics.
I'm hoping you simply forgot to enclose the first part of your comment with "quote marks"
That's because Hong Kong is infiltrated by the foreign scums such as the downtrodden yet arrogant Kweilos,the uncouth mainland Chinese,the Pinoy parasites and some minor nationalities.
Firstly this is not the first time HK supporters have carried on.. i remember the loss to Japan when they decided to go on a rampage in causeway bay. Believe its time that FIFA be involved and empty stadiums for home games be the result.
But HK is hiding a dark side to its nature... only recently did i discover that a friends helper who is Sri Lankan was told to leave a Sai Kung beach, with four of her friends all female, none had been drinking and they had only just arrived. It was the lifeguards that informed them they could not come to that beach. Something has to be done.
Disrespecting a national anthem was uncalled for.
And FIFA has zero tolerance now for racism. It doesn't mean that others are doing it, it's right. We are trying to address the issue of racism in the world's beautiful game.
baron.vondoughi, they were not provoked, they already disrespect the Filipinos even before the games started. They had a black banner as well reminding people about what happened in 2010. It was a friendly football game for goodness sake!
People of the World and all Filipinos around the globe. Do not plan or stop over in Hongkong or else you will experience the same scenario from their siopao minded chekwa. Our employee in our company are diverting to other airlines when going back to Philippines for vacation. We will never patronage the Cathay Pacific anymore because of your rudeness and besides they were experienced bullying and unethical behavior from the airport authorities when they stop over there.
What incredibly poor and misguided reasoning...........
The hostage-taking incident is saddening to both the victims and Filipinos in Hong Kong. There's no doubt that the victims have my entire sympathy on that. What I don't understand is why a friendly football match became a venue for disappointment like what myzzcozz said. Even if some players seem to display provoking gestures, it's not an excuse to retaliate in racially insulting behaviors, such as booing at the Filipino national anthem. Then I'm not sure if one I can agree with you that "Racism is never a problem in Hong Kong." The match is nevertheless just a game. The players walk out of the stadium either winning or losing (or ends up with a draw). As spectator, you support your favorite team but you should be prepared for the outcome of the game. That's called sportsmanship. And in case some Hong Kong friends still hold grudge against Filipinos, consider the following simple formulas:
Filipinos in Hong Kong ≠ Mendoza
Filipinos in Hong Kong ≠ Philippine police
Filipinos in Hong Kong ≠ Philippine government
Even better link
In the 1980s, however, hooliganism became indelibly associated with English football supporters, following a series of major disturbances at home and abroad, which resulted in numerous deaths. Vigorous efforts by governments and the police since then have done much to reduce the scale of hooliganism.
Soccer, the sport of retards....
It's not soccer that was at fault here, it's the hooligans, lol...
IamDiana21 states very clearly how immature her understanding of sports is. Assuming without malice that this man said whatever, didn't they win the match here? My best friend who is a native Chinese has been taunting our Philippines friend every time they lose a game. Unless you are in 3rd grade, I would perhaps understand your ignorance but it you claim to be an adults, I guess you better reflect and know the meaning of sportsmanship?
As much as you want to hide from the truth, being competitive and earning international titles require and living out the theory of "survival of the fittest".
AANHIN MO ANG TALINO MO KUNG WALA KA NAMAN UGALI?? ill take the later anytime anyday
What are you even blabbering about?
The behavior of some Hong Kong hooligans (as this paper refer to it, loosely) is NOT and never the fault of China...of the entire Hong Kong community. It's just unfortunate that their government has not said anything to alleviate the situation or correct some of these global mis-conceptions, as the case maybe, as some are referring to here.


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