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World Cup diary: Hong Kong government's helpful health hints

Department of Nothing Better to do with our Time and Money advises Hongkongers on how to stay fit during the tournament

PUBLISHED : Friday, 13 June, 2014, 3:20pm
UPDATED : Friday, 13 June, 2014, 5:39pm

Good morning! Or is it evening yet? 

One day in and already this World Cup looks like taking its toll physically, with 30 more sunrises to greet.

Thankfully, the Hong Kong Department of Health has issued a handy stay healthy guide for World Cup watchers.

Tips include: 

"Be aware of the calories in nuts."

"Do not get into rounds" (at the bar).

"When you feel like smoking, wash your face, do stretching exercises, try deep breathing and drink water."

Well gee, thanks DoH. Tonight when we're watching Spain-Netherlands while warning people at length about peanuts, not buying anyone a pint and doing yoga on the smoking terrace, we'll just point to this when asked for an explanation.


Gif of the day: the goal-line technology really cleared up Marcelo's opener for Croatia:

Stay out of the water

Meanwhile, in Recife, there is actually a helpful health warning - watch out for the sharks. New warning signs have gone up on the sandy beaches and new watch towers are being put in place to keep an eye on the tourists unaware of its above-average death-by-shark rate.

"In the 20 kilometres of beach we have in the state of Pernambuco, we have an atypical concentration of sharks, above the world average," local lifeguard captain Helder Silva told Reuters.

"Across these 20 kilometres of coastline we’ve had 59 incidents over 21 years, which is considered above the world average for attacks.

"Tourists often are not aware of the problem with sharks here, nor do they know the prevention measures. So we’ve needed to reinforce our efforts," Silva said.

"The World Cup is going to happen during the rainy season here, which is the period of greater risk of shark attack."

Really, that's all this World Cup needs - a fan eaten by a shark.

And finally

We're sure you've seen it already, but if not, John Oliver's magnificent explanation to Americans of why this World Cup is so hard to get behind is well worth watching: