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World Cup Diary
PUBLISHED : Saturday, 14 June, 2014, 5:51am
UPDATED : Saturday, 14 June, 2014, 6:28am

World Cup diary: culinary secrets of the football masterchefs

The number of reporters in Brazil means that, eventually, everyone connected with every team will have been interviewed

With so many journalists in Brazil - heck, even TVB seem to have about 25 pastel-jacketed 'experts' there - the big exclusives can't stay hidden. 

Thus it is that we learn, in great detail, about Italy's dietary habits ahead of their clash with England in the Amazon on Saturday.

“Coconut water is the ideal supplement after matches and training sessions and pineapple and papaya also work well for their anti-inflammatory powers,” team nutritionist Elisabetta Orsi sensationally reveals. 

In a remarkably lengthy article about tropical fruits and saunas from Associated Press (all of which can be read here if you're really keen), we also learn that chef Claudio Silvestri "is famous in Italy after starring in a Nutella TV commercial". 

But have no fear, all this fruit nonsense will only go so far: “Pasta is our preferred fuel,” team nutritionist Elisabetta Orsi adds, reassuring stereotype lovers everywhere. “Before matches we play with the ‘tricolore’: pasta [white], tomato [red] and extra virgin olive oil [green].”

And that wasn't even the only World Cup chef related article AP filed in the last couple of days. There was also this - considerably darker - one about the US team's food boss, who survived one of the near-daily mass shootings in the United States, the Aurora cinema one in 2012.

The gunman killed 12 and wounded 70, one of whom was chef Bryson Billapando's then-wife, who was pregnant at the time. Billapando still suffers from post-traumatic stress. Okay ... that escalated quickly ... can we go back to talking about coconut water please?

YouTube clip of the day: 

There are two things to admire in this video: one, the lone Croatian fan amid a sea of Brazilians watching the match in Manaus' main square; two, the camera man somehow picking him out, Where's Wally-style.

Costume of the day: 

These Dutch fans


Interesting use of the web of the day:

Mash your arrow keys on this New York Times interactive to see a bunch of different types of Brazilians go wild. It's essentially just a lot of people shouting, but still cool. 


Tweet of the day:

Top Scottish author Irvine Welsh has been providing his idiosyncratic foulmouthed commentary, much-loved from when Andy Murray plays in grand slams. Most of his tweets are far too horrendous to be printed in a family website, but we had a good chuckle at this



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