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World Cup diary: Japan win the politeness trophy

Why can't we all clean up after ourselves like Blue Samurai fans?

PUBLISHED : Monday, 16 June, 2014, 11:51pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 17 June, 2014, 9:00pm

Their team might not win any games in Brazil, but Japan's fans have already won the admiration of the world after pictures of them cleaning up after themselves following Saturday's 2-1 defeat to Ivory Coast went viral.


As many were quick to point out, this is nothing new - similar photos can be found from the last five World Cups. Here's an article talking about France 98.

Of course, as frequent tourists to Japan, Hong Kongers are no stranger to the politeness and cleanliness that seems to be the norm. 

And really, why should it be so unusual? What's so hard about bringing a plastic bag with you and spending five minutes picking up after yourself?

Not that we expect it to become the norm any time soon, but hey, it would be nice.

Gif of the day:

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo and Sami Khedira shake their heads over club-mate Pepe.

Selfie of the day: 

Germany's Lukas Podolski grabbed German chancellor Angela Merkel after their 4-0 win over Portugal. 

Facebook post of the day:

Mario Balotelli's official Facebook page has posted this picture of a Panini album with the Italy team filled with Balotellis.

Probably just a gag, but the idea of Balotelli sitting in his bedroom with a mountain of stickers, throwing away all the ones that aren't him, is too good to resist.




Videos of the day:

This is a fun one from Mexican tabloid Record: a group of fans came to the team hotel and serenaded them with a mariachi band. First the players waved from their rooms, then came down to join the party. 


Here's a selfie of the scene from Mexico's coach:

Number two features OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE we should warn you. But it is f****** hilarious as England goalkeeper Joe Hart urges a ballboy to do his job. Credit to the posters at the r/soccer forum on Reddit for finding these.


Commentators continue to shine

Our Cantonese is nowhere near good enough to understand if TVB's pundits are doing a good job or not, but the British broadcasters seem to be living down to their usual standards. 

We mentioned Clarke Carlisle's failure to understand the difference between Colombia and Ecuador yesterday, and Phil Neville's thunderously dull debut.

The BBC has received 445 complaints about Neville's commentary, BBC-haters The Daily Mail report with some glee - but he's still a valuable part of the team, the Beeb says.

More was to come though, when Beeb commentator Jonathan Pearce failed completely to understand the concept of goal-line technology during the France match, soon trending worldwide on Twitter as people reacted to his incomprehensible dumbness. The Guardian has a good picture show laughing at his meltdown.

So how are TVB's yellow-jacketed experts doing? Our only suggestions are for the main fella to take off his baseball cap, he's inside for heaven's sake, and for the former South China coach to maybe wear a suit instead of a trackie top - but that's probably the producer's great idea, to symbolise that he's the coach.

Cantonese-speaking World Cup fans, send us your assessments and we'll print the best.

"They're saying Boo-latter, sir" 

On the few occassions Sepp Blatter's appeared on the big screens at stadiums, he's been roundly booed by fans - and rightly so. But Fifa's TV producers insist they are not deliberately keeping images of the Fifa president and Brazil president Dilma Rousseff off screens, Niclas Ericson, the head of Fifa TV, told reporters. 

"The production team are focusing on what is happening on the pitch therefore the focus is on the football," Reuters reports. "We have one feed that goes to the giant screen and one that goes to the world feed and so editorial decisions are made on the spot by the editorial team. Sometimes it will be more, sometimes it will be less."

Rousseff said the abuse she faced when shown celebrating one of Brazil's goals against Croatia was nothing, given that she was tortured in jail under Brazil's military rule.  

Meanwhile, Blatter's minions continue to reassure him Smithers style: