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World Cup 2014
World cup 2014

Ousted England are World Cup ‘idiots’ - media

FA lambasted for 'disengaged buffoonery' in declaring Roy Hodgson safe in his job so quickly

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 21 June, 2014, 9:52am
UPDATED : Saturday, 21 June, 2014, 10:04am

England were left looking like smiling idiots just happy to be at the party, Britain’s newspapers said on Saturday after their humiliating early exit from the World Cup was confirmed.

Newspapers vented anger at the Football Association, the national governing body, for giving manager Roy Hodgson the green light to carry on in charge – 35 minutes before England went crashing out of the tournament.

He might as well have said: ‘Who cares about the fans anyway, I’ll just do what I want and sod the lot of you
The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail said it was “bloody insulting” for the FA to declare Hodgson safe in his job so quickly.

Greg Dyke, “the erratic FA chairman, decided it should be the very day for him to declare his public support for his manager in what looks like a Sepp Blatter-esque display of disengaged buffoonery.

“He might as well have said: ‘Who cares about the fans anyway, I’ll just do what I want and sod the lot of you’.

The paper added: “This is as good as it gets. This is what we must expect. This is who we are now. The smiling idiots just happy to be at the party.

“Dyke talks blithely of winning a World Cup in 2022 but his is an organisation devoid of ambition.”

The Daily Telegraph said the FA should apologise to England’s fans.

“They think it’s all over. It is now. How those words haunt England,” the broadsheet said.

“The national team’s latest failure... demands an apology from the FA, Roy Hodgson and the players.

“The fans did not expect much, but they expected more than this; at least give them the inevitable pain of penalties. But this was humiliating, being turfed out of this wonderful party before they had hardly tasted their first caipirinha.”

The Guardian said the “familiar search for scapegoats and answers” was under way as it tried to work out how to apportion blame.

“England’s biggest names failed to ignite,” it said.

Meanwhile “the Premier League paradox – its huge success as a global product having squeezed the chances of young English players – is only getting worse”.

The Times said there was a lesson to be learned somewhere in the debacle, and it was hard to argue that English football’s structure was better than Costa Rica’s.

“Some problems are not solved by money, by state-of-the-art facilities, by flooding the country with coaches,” it said.

“Some problems, such as a failure to conserve possession, are more deep-rooted. Until those issues, cultural and knotted, are solved, the country can kiss any hope of success goodbye.”

The Independent said the FA was using the only tactic it hadn’t tried yet: standing by an England boss.

However, Hodgson had the “classic demeanour of the diminished England manager: the colour drained from his skin and the grey FA suit evoked an Englishness that owed more to (1990s prime minister) John Major than James Bond.”

The Sun said it might be the end of the World Cup, but it was not the end of the world, urging readers to sing Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”.



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They think it's all over - it is now! The irony! After the brilliant goals by Liverpool "bad boy" Suarez came the nail in the coffin the goal that beat Italy by Fulham's Bryan Ruiz!
Best to lie down in a darkened room and cast the mind back to 1966. Dreams to remember. The Beatles era pre-jihad when a pint cost a shilling. Happy days.
Colleen Rooney gets my sympathy: she took her family and fifteen suitcases in a private jet. Now she has to pack them all back again with two kids crying their eyes out.
Tesco were selling 'vuvuzelas' in England colours. Big mistake. They'll have to go back into store for the next four years or go straight to a landfill. England's economic recovery slowed by a downturn in beer sales, Walker's crisps and Doritos all down, pubs suffering. Anyway looking on the bright side there have been few referee blunders, no vuvuzelas and some really good games. Looking forward to more...
disclosure: i am no english. the reason England lost big is patriotism or players' lack of patriotic sentiments. watching them sing the national anthem, juxtapose to Ecuador, Costa Rica, USA, France... you can see the players are truly moved. in the case of Neymar of Selecao, he even teared up and couldn't sing on. you could see it was a huge moment for Neymar to represent Brasil. a love of country. but to the Brits, except for the goalie Joe Hart, everybody was like going thru' the motion. judging from the intensity of play, the game was just another league match. the question is, why everybody on England is first tier talent but lost to Uruguay, lost to Italy? no heart. sem coracao.
What's that got to do with England's loss mate?
you highlighted one huge issue with England. i may be biased, EPL is the best league in the world (better parity compared to La Liga, Serie A and Bundasliga). however, when it comes to national team, england has first tier talents but third tier performance. problem is your Colleen Rooney private jets. England's talents consider themselves as superstars, better than thou. not as common men with the privilege and honor to represent england. to these superstars, World Cup is at best another league match at worst, a platform to sell more jerseys. i root for US Men's National Team (USMNT), we have fourth tier talents compared to England's, but our guys gave their hearts and bodies in the name of country, love of our flag. yes, it sounds "stupid" and "naive" to mix patriotic sentiments into a soccer game... but that's exactly what's needed in a world cup game. like today (11:00am pacific) Iran fought to tie Argentina until 91st minute. until england introduce this patriotic element into their national team, they are not going to do well in WC.
wayne rooney...english superstar (dont know why)...hkd4mil / week salary.
scored only one miserable goal in 3 world cups in 12 years.
frank lampard, another superstar, according to the media, scored zero goals in 3 world cups.
i can go on....why r these people hyped up to be so good,..its like the emperor has no clothes.
anyway, i still have faith....i put my money down on england to win the world cup in 2098.
The problem is that English sport has for generations been obsessed with quantity over quality. English cricket (aside from a couple of recent blips) has vastly improved since they cut down the number of county championship matches that players had to compete in. With fewer matches and 2 divisions the matches also became more meaningful. In addition to being over populated with non-English qualified players, the EPL is simply too big. The best teams, i.e. the ones who have a realistic chance of winning the title, go through the annual ritual of playing teams that haven't a hope in helle. Teams that have as their stated target, from day one of the season, Premiership survival.
While there is the occasional shock in these matches, they are not meaningful over the whole season. It is always Chelsea, Man U, Man C, ****nal or Liverpool challenging for the title. I think the EPL could be improved by limiting the number of non-English qualified players, cutting the number of teams to 16 and having a split season. The top 8 after 15 matches could compete against each other home and away for the title. The bottom eight could toss a coin to see who goes down.
Formerly ******
Soccer bores the sh*t out of me. Just not enough shots on goal. Imagine a basketball game with only passing and perhaps 10 shots/attempts to score - that's soccer.
足球煩死我了。只是沒有足夠拍攝的目標。想像一下,只有通過和也許 10 槍/試圖得分-是足球的籃球比賽。


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