Alliance for True Democracy

Real democracy for Hong Kong is in Beijing's best interests

Photo: Sam Tsang

The Alliance for True Democracy has just released its initial views for consultation on the chief executive election in 2017, with the aim of promoting discussion, hopefully leading to a consensus.

Monday, 20 May, 2013, 1:52am 1 comment

'One man, one vote' urged for 2017 chief executive panel

Government House in Central welcomes the public on Open Day in March. Pan-democrats say the 2017 chief executive election should be elected by all 3.2 million registered voters in Hong Kong. Photo: Nora Tam

The Alliance for True Democracy also proposes that a candidate with the support of at least an eighth of nominating committee members, or with nominations from a certain proportion of the city's voters, should be able to stand for the top job.

9 May 2013 - 7:43am 6 comments

Push for one man, one vote to elect committee

Alliance convenor Joseph Cheng

The Alliance for True Democracy will push for the chief executive poll nominating committee to be elected by all Hong Kong voters in 2017, sources say.

6 May 2013 - 5:00am 2 comments

Pan-democrats to roll out 2017 suffrage plan six months early

Joseph Cheng Yu-shek. Photo: May Tse

The plan is expected to touch on the size and composition of the future nominating committee for chief executive candidates, and the interpretation of the "democratic procedures" prescribed in the Basic Law.

2 May 2013 - 5:09am 4 comments

Activist puts out Occupy Central action plan

Benny Tai Yiu-ting. Photo: K.Y. Cheng

An academic behind a plan to block roads in Central to fight for democracy said it remained to be seen whether organisers can reach a consensus with another pan-democratic alliance on demands for the 2017 chief executive election reform.

15 Apr 2013 - 2:53am 5 comments

Determined hecklers shout down Hong Kong forum on universal suffrage

About 30 opponents succeeded in disrupting yesterday's forum on universal suffrage at City University, organised by the Alliance for True Democracy. Photo: Edward Wong

A universal suffrage forum organised by a pro-democracy group had to be abandoned after dozens of government supporters turned up and hurled abuse at participants.

8 Apr 2013 - 7:44am 4 comments

Alliance a recipe for democratic impasse

Alliance for True Democracy. Photo: K.Y. Cheng

The pan-democrats put on a show of unity last week by forming the Alliance for True Democracy to fight for "genuine" universal suffrage. But despite all that hand-holding for the photo op, there is no unity in this camp. Just their sheer number - 12 political groups - gives away the charade.

25 Mar 2013 - 9:01am 7 comments

Pan-democrats unite for 'genuine' universal suffrage

The Alliance for True Democracy pins up a poster. Photo: KY Cheng

In a rare show of unity, the pan-democrats yesterday formed the Alliance for True Democracy to fight for "genuine" universal suffrage.

But undercurrents of tension have started to emerge, as long-standing rifts threaten to undermine the group.

22 Mar 2013 - 5:17am 2 comments