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  • Sep 17, 2014
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Anti-Japanese Protests

Mainland carmakers Guangzhou Auto and Chery in bid to beat slow market

Guangzhou Automobile Group, the Chinese partner of Japan's Toyota Motor and Honda Motor, formed an alliance with fellow mainland firm Chery Automobile yesterday to share core technology and management experience in an attempt to boost competitiveness in a slowing market.

Wednesday, 7 November, 2012, 3:36am

Letters to the Editor, September 22, 2012

HK people will resist erosion of their rights

During her tearful interview on Cable TV on September 7, Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor seemed perplexed by the attitude of the Hong Kong people towards the government and its officials.

The explanation is fairly straightforward.

22 Sep 2012 - 3:18am

Safety officials call for calm heads in Diaoyus row

Anti-Japanese protests subsided in Beijing and elsewhere on the mainland yesterday as authorities sought to prevent public anger over the Japanese government's purchase of the Diaoyu Islands spinning out of control.

20 Sep 2012 - 3:20am

Mao portraits in anti-Japan protests a cause for concern for leaders

The unexpected brandishing of images of Mao Zedong in anti-Japan rallies is more worrying than welcome for the Chinese government, even if it has sanctioned or encouraged such protests, analysts say.

Some protesters were seen carrying portraits of Mao and making references to him in chants and on banners during the widespread rallies, which have lasted for days.

20 Sep 2012 - 8:13am 1 comment

Chinese employees of Japanese businesses caught in crossfire

Violent protests over the disputed Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea have left some Chinese employees of Japanese businesses on the mainland with grave concerns for their personal safety and job security.

20 Sep 2012 - 3:08pm

Islands row not worth the trade risks

Patriotism has been called many things. It is the last refuge of scoundrels, according to English author Samuel Johnson. It is the virtue of the vicious, according to Oscar Wilde.

Given their sage advice, perhaps one should risk being called a traitor every now and then. Now is such a time.

19 Sep 2012 - 1:15pm 3 comments

Backgrounder: Mukden incident trigger for Japanese invasion

The “Mukden incident” of 1931 – commemorated in China every year as an act of Japanese aggression – saw Japanese troops blow up a railway in northeast China as an excuse to take over Manchuria.

Japan had already been expanding its territory in Asia militarily for several decades.

18 Sep 2012 - 6:08pm

'I had to be on the frontline to capture the actions', says SCMP photographer Felix Wong

With one eye swollen shut and bruises over his nose and forehead, SCMP photographer Felix Wong tells of his ordeal of being beaten up by riot police in Shenzhen when he covered the violent anti-Japanese protests there on Sunday. 

18 Sep 2012 - 9:49am

Anti-Japanese protests hurting businesses

Escalating anti-Japanese protests in China are hurting Japanese-related companies, forcing them to either shut down operations or suspend production on the mainland in order to protect their employees and property.

18 Sep 2012 - 8:47am

China vows to protect 2,000 fishing boats heading towards Diaoyus

Chinese authorities pledged to ensure the safety of nearly 2,000 fishing boats that began entering disputed waters in the East China Sea yesterday, as Japan warned it would arrest anyone attempting to land on the Diaoyu Islands.

The Fishery Administration Bureau would help vessels in waters near the Diaoyus, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said yesterday.

18 Sep 2012 - 6:21pm 1 comment