Fringe's chef to send valentines from the frying pan to the bed

The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach but the Fringe's new in-house chef, Zubin D'souza, is aiming for something lower.

Thursday, 31 January, 2008, 12:00am

Laughter lines

They may be frowned on in a society where youthful looks are desired by many, but laughter lines indicate a life filled with happiness. If laughter is an aphrodisiac, then its resulting lines on the face must surely be one of the more attractive sights to behold. Live and love your way into old age; and be done with the anti-ageing creams.

26 Oct 2007 - 12:00am

TV watchdog clamps down on commercials with sexual content

The mainland's TV watchdog has banned commercials with sexual content in an effort to tighten control over the small screen and 'create a healthy environment' ahead of National Day and this autumn's 17th Party Congress.

3 Aug 2007 - 12:00am

Animals still under threat

The Viagra hype worldwide has stretched from saving not only suffering men, but also the world's suffering animals - those like rhinoceroses and tigers that are endangered because, the story goes, Asian doctors use them to boost manhood. With Viagra, they won't need tiger or rhino parts: hurrah, a Western drug rescues even the dumb animal kingdom from the Eastern slayers.

18 Jul 1998 - 12:00am

Newspaper cleared

The Oriental Daily News was cleared of defaming Easyfinder , owned by rival Next Media Group, over a story about white-collar workers spiking women's drinks with an aphrodisiac.

18 Feb 1998 - 12:00am

Sex-report magazine sues over criticism

Criticism of an article describing a drug which supposedly turns young women into sex maniacs has landed a newspaper in court.

Next Media's Easyfinder magazine claimed in the Court of First Instance yesterday it was libelled in an Oriental Daily News article.

22 Jul 1997 - 12:00am

Cool attempt to curb seal trade

ANIMAL welfare campaigners will fly a traditional medicine practitioner and mainland officials to Canada's frozen wastelands in an attempt to curb the trade in seal penises.

On March 9 the International Fund for Animal Welfare will take officials from the China Wildlife Conservation Association, part of China's Ministry of Forestry, to see newborn seal pups.

23 Feb 1997 - 12:00am

Danger drug to stay on sale

THE Chinese medicine, chan su, banned in the United States last week, will continue to be sold in Hong Kong, the Department of Health said yesterday.

Chan su was named as a major ingredient in the Hong Kong-made aphrodisiac which allegedly killed four New York men.

28 Nov 1995 - 12:00am

Four US deaths blamed on local aphrodisiac

HEALTH officials in the United States have blamed a Hong Kong-made aphrodisiac for the deaths of four men.

According to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), four New York men died after taking an aphrodisiac allegedly from Tsang Fook Kee Medicine Company based in Hong Kong.

26 Nov 1995 - 12:00am

Free-for-all at oyster fest

IF the birth columns in this newspaper are unusually packed with announcements next May, then Back Bites might just place part of the responsibility on the head of Rupert Chenevix-Trench of Bentley's restaurant in Central.

His oyster fest, held last Monday to celebrate the new season, was remarkably well attended by aficionados of the supposed aphrodisiac.

17 Sep 1995 - 12:00am

Aphrodisiacs fairytale in facts of life

THE course of true love, alas, seldom runs smoothly and much human ingenuity over the centuries has gone into attempts to make the path a little less rough.

One of the most popular devices and one which, like most of the others, almost certainly does not work, is the aphrodisiac.

5 Feb 1995 - 12:00am

Whisper sweet nothings

IF your dwindling passions need perking up, an old-fashioned aphrodisiac may help.

The Greek word aphrodisios means ''belonging to Aphrodite'', who was the ancient goddess of earthly and carnal love.

Many great lovers, including the infamous Casanova, attributed the success of their amorous adventures to aphrodisiacs.

6 Feb 1994 - 12:00am

Aphrodisiacs spice up amour

THE notion that certain types of food and drink are capable of eliciting an amorous response from the person to whom they are fed is one of the most enduring of all myths.

7 Feb 1993 - 12:00am