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  • Apr 18, 2015
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Asia Television Limited

Asia Television Limited is one of the two free television broadcasters in Hong Kong. It was established in 1957, the first Chinese television station in the world. However, ATV was surpassed by its major rival Television Broadcasts Limited both in terms of company size and viewership. ATV’s reputation was badly damaged after its false report of former leader Jiang Zemin’s death on July 6, 2011. 

Hong Kong broadcaster ATV in talks with another 'white knight' hoping to save station

Hong Kong broadcaster ATV in talks with another 'white knight' hoping to save station

Asia Television's days might be numbered, but that hasn't stopped another potential investor from expressing an interest in taking over the beleaguered broadcaster.

Friday, 17 April, 2015, 9:38am

HKTV boss Ricky Wong’s offer to air shows on ATV ‘questionable’, says station’s top executive

Unconvinced: Ip Ka-po questioned if HKTV shows would attract enough advertising revenue. Photo: Bruce Yan

Hong Kong Television Network boss Ricky Wong Wai-kay’s offer to air his station’s shows on Asia Television was “questionable”, the beleaguered broadcaster’s executive director Ip Ka-po said.

16 Apr 2015 - 12:44pm 5 comments

Hong Kong 'white knight' hopes to save ATV through spectrum licence

Kelvin Wu's firm could yet rescue troubled ATV. Photo: Dickson Lee

There is a chance to resurrect Asia Television, says the businessman who still aspires to be the "white knight" of the ailing broadcaster, if the government allows the station to keep its spectrum for another three years.

15 Apr 2015 - 11:48am 3 comments

Hong Kong advertisers fear loss of competition with demise of ATV

An employee raises a flag bearing the ATV logo outside the Asia Television Building in Tai Po. Photo: SCMP Pictures

Advertising industry veterans in Hong Kong are urging the government to decide as soon as possible on the reallocation of the free-to-air spectrum to ensure fair and open competition in the television market.

15 Apr 2015 - 11:49am 1 comment

RTHK producers propose ‘mini newscasts’ for ATV channel takeover

Joseph Tse Chi-fung, an executive producer of RTHK and former ATV journalist, said RTHK should inherit the strongest legacy of ATV - the news. Photo: Dickson Lee

Producers at RTHK have drawn up a proposal to provide "mini newscasts" as a contingency measure when ATV stops broadcasting.

15 Apr 2015 - 11:50am 1 comment

Ailing broadcaster ATV hit with HK$690,000 fine for failing to pay staff

ATV executive director Ip Ka-po (left) arrives at Sha Tin Court. He has pleaded not guilty to 102 summonses over the late payment of wages and is set to face trial in June. Photo: Felix Wong

Ailing broadcaster Asia Television should be closed if it does not have sufficient funds to pay wages, a magistrate told an ATV senior executive before imposing a hefty fine of HK$690,000.

15 Apr 2015 - 11:48am 1 comment

ATV not dead yet, as private equity firm says it could revive deal

ATV executive director Ip Ka-po said in a letter to staff that three potential investors had approached it recently. Photo: Dickson Lee

The final nail has not yet been hammered into ATV's coffin, with a deal to acquire the beleaguered television station still possible despite the imminent loss of its free-to-air licence.

15 Apr 2015 - 12:05pm 1 comment

RTHK union slams government's 'hasty' decision to move ATV services to public broadcaster

The government intends RTHK to run the channels ATV must give up when its licence comes to an end in about a year, until analogue television in the city becomes history by 2020. Photo: Sam Tsang

The RTHK staff union last night lambasted the commerce minister's decision to have the public broadcaster take over ATV's television channels.

That decision was made in haste, the union said in a meeting called to discuss the new role of providing analogue television services that had been thrust upon their organisation.

15 Apr 2015 - 1:06pm

Don't give ATV's slice of spectrum to RTHK, analysts advise

Don't give ATV's slice of spectrum to RTHK, analysts advise

The government should not have asked RTHK to take over ATV’s analogue spectrum once the TV station closes because the businesses are different in nature, a panel of analysts said.

15 Apr 2015 - 1:48pm

Nina Paw, the humble ATV star who put family before fame and fortune

Illustration: Lau Ka-kuen

Known as the 'treasure of ATV', she spent 33 years at the station and reflects on the good times and how the broadcaster lost its way.

15 Apr 2015 - 1:48pm

Hong Kong's rules, not politics, were what decided ATV's fate

Asia Television was told last week it would not be able to renew its free-to-air licence. Photo: K.Y. Cheng

Some said Beijing would never let the station sink - they forgot how things work in this city.

15 Apr 2015 - 1:48pm 4 comments

Households using analogue TVs have less choice following closure of ATV: commerce chief

Various programmes on show at ATV's offices in Hong Kong. The broadcaster's free-to-air licence expires on April 1, 2016. Photo: Felix Wong

The closure of ATV next year means 480,000 households still using analogue TV sets will be left with just one station, TVB, to watch newscasts for the next few years, the commerce chief conceded.

15 Apr 2015 - 2:00pm 8 comments

Above all, it’s ATV’s crew who should ultimately command our respect

The ATV building in Tai Po. Photo: Sam Tsang

The day that the government pulled the plug on ATV, I was up late at night after work, watching the blanket coverage on television by the 24-hour news channels.

15 Apr 2015 - 2:00pm 5 comments

Licence denial shows ATV is no pro-Beijing stooge

If Beijing had wanted to save ATV at all costs, it would have arm-twisted someone to buy the station, long before its plight became such a farce. Photo: K. Y. Cheng

Finally, I am able to write about ATV without having to declare an interest. The Executive Council's decision to kill the station means I can speak my mind about the broadcaster's sorry saga even though I now freelance for rival TVB. Does ATV deserve to die?

15 Apr 2015 - 2:00pm 17 comments

Fading ATV can only survive ‘four more months’ without injection of funds

ATV executive director Ip Ka-po (centre) was joined on air by actor Frankie Choi Kwok-wai and veteran actress Paw Hee-ching. Photo: May Tse

ATV will be able to stay on air for four months at most unless shareholders or investors inject fresh funds into the station, its executive director Ip Ka-po admitted.

15 Apr 2015 - 2:00pm 2 comments