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Chinese dealers strip shelves of baby milk worldwide

A sign limiting the purchase of baby milk formula powder hangs on the shelf in a supermarket in London, on Wednesday. Photo: AP

Blamed for empty shop shelves from Europe to Australia, networks of baby formula traffickers are shipping milk powder to Chinese parents fearful of local products, and working ever harder to meet demand.

Friday, 12 April, 2013, 2:36pm 3 comments

Chinese demand for baby milk causes ‘ration’ in Britain

British supermarket chain Tesco are limiting customers to two tins of milk powder per transaction due to demand from Chinese buyers. Photo: AFP

British retailers are limiting purchases of baby milk powder to prevent customers from bulk-buying and exporting it to China for profit. Leading supermarket chains Tesco and Sainsbury’s say they have started advising customers to buy no more than two tins of milk powder in each transaction. The British Retail Consortium said on Wednesday other retailers are imposing similar limits to ensure there is enough stock for everyone wanting baby milk.

11 Apr 2013 - 12:13am

Shenzhen customs: We won't crack down on 'moonlighting' baby formula smugglers

Travelers trade in formula milk at the mainland side of Lo Wu border checkpoint. Photo: Weibo/SCMP pictures

It was a relief for many newly mobilised baby formula traders when Shenzhen customs officers said on Thursday they would not crack down on "moonlighting smugglers”.

5 Apr 2013 - 12:03pm 1 comment

Swiss baby formula ‘adulterated by Chinese partner’

A Chinese woman selects milk powder for her child at a supermarket in Beijing. Photo: AFP

The Chinese partner of Hero Group, a major Swiss baby formula manufacturer, has been accused of adulterating Hero’s production and a senior official has been detained, state media said on Thursday.

29 Mar 2013 - 1:17am 2 comments

Milk powder industry slams 'extreme' two-tin rule

Milk powder industry slams 'extreme' two-tin rule

Producers and suppliers of baby milk formula have lashed out at the government over what they say is an "extreme" export restriction that hurts smaller brands.

14 Mar 2013 - 5:29am

Milk powder restriction a formula for heated debate at congress

Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai

Some mainland deputies accused Beijing of failing to improve food safety, while others said they were offended by the tough penalties put in place by Hong Kong.

5 Mar 2013 - 7:03am 4 comments

Fears of trading breach on first day of milk curbs

The city's two-tin export limit was enacted to curb the ongoing shortage. Photo: David Wong

A law professor has added his voice to fears that the government risks breaching world trade laws by curbing the amount of baby milk formula that people can take with them when leaving Hong Kong, as the measure took effect yesterday.

2 Mar 2013 - 5:16am 1 comment

Millions living near border now buy their groceries in Hong Kong

With prices on many products cheaper in Hong Kong, many people living in Guangdong find the cost and effort of getting to the city is well worth it. They save hundreds of yuan on every trip. Photo: Felix Wong

Every Saturday, Angela Zhang leaves her home in Shenzhen with a large, empty suitcase. When she returns from Hong Kong in the afternoon, it is bulging with cosmetics products, bottles of wine, cooking oil and sometimes even rolls of tissue paper.

8 Feb 2013 - 8:57am 8 comments