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  • Sep 16, 2014
  • Updated: 7:04pm

Bangladesh garment industry

Bangladesh is the world's second-largest apparel exporter behind China. A building collapse in Savar, near the capital of Dhaka, on April 30, 2013, that killed more than 400 people has triggered scrutiny over worker safety and labour conditions in the country.

Charged owners of Bangladesh factory where 112 workers died surrender

Two owners of a Bangladesh garment factory where 112 workers died in a fire two years ago have surrendered and sought bail after they were charged with murder.

Monday, 10 February, 2014, 6:35am

At least 10 killed in Bangladesh garment factory fire

A fire at a garment factory outside Bangladesh’s capital killed at least 10 people and spread to other buildings, fire officials said.

Ten bodies were found inside the Aswad garment factory in Gazipur outside Dhaka, said fire official Zafar Ahmed. He said several other people were injured while trying to escape from the building on Tuesday night.

9 Oct 2013 - 3:58pm

Bangladesh garment factories agree wage rise, ending protest

Bangladeshi garment factory owners promised on Sunday to raise wages for more than three million workers as soon as a government panel sets a figure, ending a week-long violent protest.

30 Sep 2013 - 2:24am

Bangladeshi workers' pay protest enters third day; factories ablaze

Angry Bangladeshi garment workers blocked roads, set factories alight and clashed with police for a third day yesterday as protests demanding a minimum monthly wage of 8,000 taka, equivalent to US$100, spread outside the capital.

24 Sep 2013 - 2:31am

Safe garment factories still a luxury in Bangladesh

In the weeks since the Rana Plaza collapse killed more than 1,100 workers, at least five different Bangladesh agencies have sent teams to begin inspecting the estimated 5,600 factories that make up the nation's US$20 billion garment industry.

30 Jul 2013 - 4:49am

US blundering in Bangladesh

Not for the first time, I have to wonder at the clumsiness and the lack of sensible, let alone sensitive, policies by the administration of President Barack Obama. Last month the US announced what was supposed to be an important suspension of Bangladesh's trade benefits because the country was failing to protect the rights of its workers.

10 Jul 2013 - 4:38am

Bangladesh army hits back at hoax factory rescue claims

Bangladesh's army has rejected as "vile" newspaper reports that called the rescue of a textile worker trapped for 17 days in a collapsed garment factory a hoax. A pro-opposition Bangladeshi daily first reported the story last week, branding the rescue of seamstress Reshma fake, and quoting a male colleague as saying she escaped the building with him on the same day it collapsed in April, killing 1,129 people.

3 Jul 2013 - 2:10am

Li & Fung 'doing its best' on factory safety

Global sourcing company Li & Fung is helping the Bangladeshi government enhance the safety of factories which manufacture products for multinationals, but it was up to the authorities to enforce the laws on safety standards, group chairman William Fung Kwok-lun said.

13 Jun 2013 - 6:34am

Barred by Wal-Mart, Bangladeshi clothes suppliers feel left on the shelf

The day after Wal-Mart Stores published Simco's name on its list of banned Bangladesh suppliers, the garment maker learned it had lost an order from US retailer J.C. Penney for 500,000 pairs of pyjamas.

7 Jun 2013 - 3:46am

Hundreds of Bangladesh garment factory workers fall ill

About 450 garment workers fell ill during their shifts at a sweater factory near Bangladesh’s capital, and authorities said on Thursday the water supply was suspected.

Investigators from the government’s health ministry were testing the water at the Starlight Sweater Factory for possible contamination, area civil surgeon Syed Habibullah said.

6 Jun 2013 - 1:18pm