Bank of China

The Bank of China is one of Hong Kong's biggest banks. It is also one of China's four state-owned commercial banks; the other three are the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, and the Agricultural Bank of China. The Bank of China was founded in 1912 to replace the Government Bank of Imperial China, and is the oldest bank in the country. Its headquarters are located in Hong Kong.

Residents walk past board highlighting the security markers on the latest Yuan note outside a bank in Beijing, China, Thursday in November 2016. Photo: AP Photo

New chiefs at China’s top banks signal more reshuffles ahead

The reshuffle at the top of two of China’s largest state-controlled banks is the latest phase of a management change for the country’s $40 trillion financial industry, as the government seeks to restrain any turbulence ahead of a twice-a-decade meeting of the ruling Communist Party.