Beidou Navigation System

China's Beidou navigation system 'completely open' for Asian neighbours, official says

Beidou, which has military and civilian uses, is China's answer to the United States' GPS and Russia's Glonass. Photo: Reuters

China’s home-grown satellite navigation system will bring untold economic, social and military benefits – and other countries in Asia are welcome to use it, the director of China’s satellite navigation agency said on Friday.

Friday, 27 December, 2013, 5:12pm

Thailand is Beidou navigation network's first overseas client

A Long March 3C rocket carries a satellite into space. Photo: Xinhua

A 2 billion yuan (HK$2.48 billion) agreement to promote the use of Beidou in Thailand's public sector, including disaster relief, power distribution and transport, was signed by the two countries in Bangkok last week, China National Radio reported.

4 Apr 2013 - 5:36am

China Digest, February 25, 2013

Environmental protection officials urged Beijing residents to refrain from setting off fireworks yesterday - the last day they were allowed to do so for the Lunar New Year celebrations - because of heavy air pollution that again shrouded the capital in smog, The Beijing News reports.

25 Feb 2013 - 5:43am

China launches rival GPS satellite system

A GPS product advertisement in Qingdao. Photo: EPA

China has launched commercial and public services across the Asia-Pacific region on its domestic satellite navigation network built to rival the US global positioning system.

28 Dec 2012 - 4:50pm

Beidou launches navigation data for Asia-Pacific region

Ran Chengqi, the spokesman for the Beidou Navigation Satellite System. Photo: Xinhua

The Beidou satellite navigation network began offering positioning data yesterday for the Asia-Pacific region - a milestone in Beijing's bid to challenge the US-controlled Global Positioning System (GPS).

28 Dec 2012 - 5:42am 1 comment

Fishing boat owners fear for safety of seized crews

The owners of three mainland fishing boats seized by North Koreans in the Yellow Sea last week say they are growing increasingly concerned about the safety of the 29 crew on board following the passing of Thursday's ransom deadline.

19 May 2012 - 12:00am

China launches two satellites on one rocket

China launched two satellites into space yesterday, the latest additions to its burgeoning Beidou global navigation and positioning network.

It was the first time the nation successfully launched two navigation satellites on one rocket into a medium-high earth orbit of about 20,000 kilometres - a difficult feat.

1 May 2012 - 12:00am

'Unforgettable humiliation' led to development of GPS equivalent

An 'unforgettable humiliation' the People's Liberation Army suffered during the Taiwan Strait missile crisis in 1996 prompted the mainland to build its own global navigation and positioning satellite system, a retired senior military official has disclosed.

13 Nov 2009 - 12:00am

Satellite launch 'overrides EU deal'

China's launch of a second navigation satellite for its Compass G2 system early yesterday indicates it has withdrawn from an alliance with Europe to develop a global satellite navigation network, according to mainland space experts.

16 Apr 2009 - 12:00am