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Chen Zhiwei (left)

You could call this about as close to a cure, if not a cure, that we've seen

US virologist Dr Anthony Fauci on a new HIV treatment from a team led by HKU's Professor Chen Zhiwei


Thursday, 16 May, 2013, 2:53am

Bird flu fears ease as alert lifted in Shanghai

Photo: EPA

Shanghai lifted its flu epidemic alert yesterday, with the municipal government saying that no new human cases of H7N9 bird flu had been recorded for three weeks.

11 May 2013 - 5:00am

Letters to the Editor, May 11, 2013

Li Keqiang and bird flu experts in Beijing. Photo: Xinhua

Struggle gives learning a surprise boost

Universities should aim at whole-person education. With the change to a four-year curriculum, first-year undergraduates can take a large variety of subjects once they enter university, widening their horizons and learning to appreciate interdisciplinary studies.

11 May 2013 - 2:35am 1 comment

Flu infections rising among pigs in southern China, says study

A previous study shows the H7N9 bird flu seems to be circulating in areas of China that have large populations of pigs and humans. Photo: Reuters

The risk of spillover to humans was “constant or growing”, according to one of the authors of a study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

Four more die of bird flu in China, pushing toll to 31

A woman wears a face mask as she walks on an overpass in Beijing. Photo: AFP

The number to have been infected on the mainland since outbreak began in February rose to 129, with two more cases identified in Fujian.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

Poultry trade may be spreading killer H7N9 virus

Poultry trade may be spreading killer H7N9 virus

Poultry workers moving between wet markets and farms are probably responsible for the wide geographical spread of the deadly new bird flu virus on the mainland, says a Hong Kong expert invited by the World Health Organisation to investigate the outbreak.

6 May 2013 - 7:06am 5 comments

HKU scientists look to take the lead on bird flu

A worker at a stall selling chickens cleans cages. Photo: Felix Wong

Despite the rush by scientists to decipher the nature of the latest outbreak of bird flu, the virus and its relatives have been under the radar of a local research team for more than a decade.

6 May 2013 - 5:00am

H5N1 flu research sparks ethical and safety debate

Chen Hualan and her team published the research study. Photo: Harbin Veterinary Research Institute

A team of top Chinese researchers has found that swapping a single gene of the H5N1 bird flu virus with one from H1N1 human flu makes it transmissible between guinea pigs, representing a jump from bird to mammals.

4 May 2013 - 5:51am 4 comments

Letters to the Editor, May 3, 2013

Poor Man's Nightclub food stall in 1986. Photo: SCMP Pictures

Let's all help keep unique street culture

I refer to your editorial ("Greed is killing best of old HK", April 23).

You talk of luxury mall operators, developers and landlords destroying what makes our city unique and interesting.

3 May 2013 - 3:41am 1 comment

Talking points

New debate on Sichuan quake funding

New debate on Sichuan quake funding

3 May 2013 - 3:41am

Time to ban import of live poultry as H7N9 continues to spread

A janitor sprays disinfectant over empty poultry stalls at a traditional market. Photo: AFP

One of Karl Marx's most famous quotes is that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce.

3 May 2013 - 3:41am 2 comments

China reports another H7N9 death as WHO calls flu 'one of the most lethal'

A Chinese tourist wears a face mask at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The H7N9 strain has killed 25 people in China. Photo: AFP

The death toll from the H7N9 bird flu virus has risen to 27, state media said yesterday after a man died in Hunan province.

Neighbouring Guangdong will start cleaning up its poultry markets today. Deputy governor Lin Shaochun said yesterday that the provincial government might make some contingency public health measures permanent in prevention of bird flu diseases, Xinhua reported.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

Step up bird flu tests on chickens, Hong Kong health expert urges

An official with the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department holds a live chicken as another handles a blood sample for testing. Photo: Bloomberg

Blood tests for H5 bird flu are conducted on locally raised chickens and if the results are positive, a rapid test for H7 on the samples is conducted. Results for a rapid test are ready in four to five hours. But the blood samples are taken 10 days before the poultry go to the market, so there are concerns that any infection that develops in those 10 days may not be found.

1 May 2013 - 10:15am 1 comment

Reduce H7N9 human fatalities, Premier Li Keqiang tells health officials

Premier Li Keqiang talks to disease control experts. Ten more people have contracted H7N9 since Friday.

Premier Li Keqiang urged health officials to reduce the fatality rate of the H7N9 bird flu and release information to the public in a timely manner as the deadly strain spreads in southern China.

29 Apr 2013 - 10:22am 7 comments

Fears in Hong Kong and Guangdong as H7N9 virus hits Hunan

A woman from Shaoyang, Hunan, developed a fever on April 14, four days after having contact with poultry. Photo: AFP

A 64-year-old woman from Shaoyang in Hunan province was diagnosed with H7N9 bird flu yesterday, sparking fears that the virus might soon emerge in Guangdong and Hong Kong.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am