Illustrated books open children's minds to a world full of wonders

Illustrated books open children's minds to a world full of wonders

The fact that life extends far beyond Hong Kong pervades our home. We have a toy globe, a desk mat printed with a map of the world and framed photos from my children's visits abroad.

Tuesday, 23 April, 2013, 11:09am

Book review: 'Forever Young'

Book review: 'Forever Young'

Inspired by my travels to India, I was drawn to what Reenita Malhotra Hora, a lifelong devotee of ayurvedic medicine, had to say about holistic ways to cope with the stresses of life.

23 Apr 2013 - 10:49am

First Haruki Murakami book in three years launched at midnight

Fans of Japanese author Haruki Murakami buy his newly published book at the Tsutaya book store in Tokyo. Photo: AFP

At least one major bookstore in Tokyo was flinging open its doors at midnight last night to cater to the demands of the most dedicated fans of the surrealist, craving their latest fix of one of modern literature's most talked-about authors.

12 Apr 2013 - 2:16am

Between the Lines

Between the Lines

9 Apr 2013 - 9:31am

A new chapter for children's book authors in China

Yang Hongying has been dubbed the J.K. Rowling of China. Photo: Simon Song

During the week of Lunar New Year, Xidan Bookstore in the city centre was a hive of activity. There was scarcely room to move in its second-floor children's section, where youngsters crowded into narrow aisles and parents stood with armfuls of books, and a long queue snaked up to the checkout counter.

9 Apr 2013 - 12:05pm

Hats off to award-winning illustrator for latest yarns

Winning one Caldecott award is reason enough to celebrate, but this year Jon Klassen took home two. His book This Is Not My Hat won the Caldecott Medal, the most prestigious US children’s book award given to illustrators, but he also won a Caldecott Honour – sort of a runner-up award – for illustrating Mac Barnett’s Extra Yarn.

26 Mar 2013 - 10:05am

Dissident Liao Yiwu's story of his ordeal in jail released in France

Liao Yiwu

Liao Yiwu clearly recalls the moment when he first stepped into a Chinese jail. He was stripped naked by inmates who then violated him with chopsticks - the beginning of a four-year prison ordeal.

20 Jan 2013 - 3:35am

Jane Anson launches book on wines of Bordeaux

Jane Anson and Bernice Liu at the tasting. Photo: K.Y. Cheng

Hong Kong is a city of wine lovers, and each year's social calendar is inevitably crowded with tastings and other events, of which only a few stand out as really special. The tasting last Wednesday was one such event.

10 Dec 2012 - 5:05am

Book clue to future of China's central bank head

Zhou Xiaochuan

The publication of a book by Zhou Xiaochuan may fuel speculation that China's longest-serving People's Bank of China governor since the 1960s is close to retiring.

2 Nov 2012 - 5:30am

Between the Lines: Richard Scarry's Busy, Busy Town

Between the Lines: Richard Scarry's Busy, Busy Town

When my daughter was just a few months old, my father-in-law bought Richard Scarry's Busy, Busy Town to read to her because he had read it to my husband when he was young. My husband fondly remembers Sergeant Murphy, the police-officer dog, as his favourite Scarry character.

14 Oct 2012 - 10:49am

Satanic verses author Salman Rushdie writes of years on run after fatwa

Salman Rushdie

As violent protests over a US-made film rock the Muslim world, Salman Rushdie published his account yesterday of the decade he spent in hiding while under a fatwa for his book The Satanic Verses.

19 Sep 2012 - 4:22am

Due West, online novel about sex tourism in Dongguan, now a movie

On the set of Due West, My Sex Journey. Photo: Nora Tam

A clutch of scantily clad young women sit giggling and striking sexy poses as their fancy two-tier sofa revolves.

Each wears a number. Their hope is that one of the group of men ogling them will pick them out for a night of passion.

9 Sep 2012 - 3:46am

Former Navy SEAL's book contains classified information, Pentagon says

The former US Navy SEAL who penned a book on the raid that killed Osama bin Laden revealed classified information in his first-hand account and could face criminal charges, officials said.

6 Sep 2012 - 3:51am

E-readers turn a new page

One perk of owning a smartphone or a tablet computer is the chance to read your favourite book in electronic form.

14 Jul 2011 - 12:00am

There is still time for donating a used book

There is still a full week to put your used books to good use by giving them to underprivileged children. This is how much longer the 'Books for a Cause' campaign is running.

The campaign, organised by the local charity Kids4kids, invites students, businesses and members of the public to donate used books between May 30 and June 6.

24 May 2011 - 12:00am