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  • Sep 23, 2014
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Thousands attend second Beertopia festival of craft beers

American comedian Steven Wright once said "24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?" He's obviously never attended Hong Kong's biggest craft-beer festival.

Sunday, 14 April, 2013, 6:58am

Hong Kong's first home-brewing contest held at The Globe in Central

The event was open to anyone who had brewed beer here since November. Twenty contestants took part - 20 entered beers and one a cider - and samples of each brew were on hand for the public to judge and taste after the judges had made their final decision.

3 Mar 2013 - 5:14am

Kingway shares climb after sale of breweries announced

Shares of Kingway Brewery Holdings rose 7 per cent yesterday after the company announced it was selling its brewery business for 5.58 billion yuan (HK$6.87 billion) to China Resources Snow Breweries and a special dividend was proposed.

7 Feb 2013 - 5:16am

Crafty brew beats big boys in U.S. premium beer game

As a teenager stacking barrels after school at his family's brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, Richard "Dick" Yuengling, was encouraged by plant workers to avoid a career in the family business. America's taste for national brands such as Budweiser, Coors and Miller, they said, was going to put them all out of a job.

18 Dec 2012 - 2:33am

OCBC drinks to a record profit from brewery sale

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp, Southeast Asia's second-largest lender, posted record quarterly profit on a gain from the sale of stakes in a drinks manufacturer and a brewery.

10 Nov 2012 - 5:09am

Sober analysis

China Resources Enterprise expects its loss-making beer unit to have turned around in the second quarter, with newly acquired breweries and demand growth driving earnings, according to chairman Song Lin.

3 Jun 2005 - 12:00am

Sell-by dates may be extended to beer

Beer-lovers may soon be able to choose a fresher ale from the supermarket shelf. A new proposal would require brewers and shops to display a best-before date on beer.

30 Dec 2001 - 12:00am

What the broker said

Tsingtao Brewery produces and distributes beer products, and is one of the largest beer producers in the mainland.

In recent years, it has attempted to break into overseas markets.

In 1998, Core Pacific-Yamaichi placed a sell rating on the stock, saying it had sacrificed profitability for short-term market gains.

1 Oct 2000 - 12:00am

Talks confirmed as SAB closes in on Foster's plant

South African Breweries (SAB), the world's fourth-largest brewer, confirmed yesterday it was in talks with Foster's Brewing Group to buy one of the Australian firm's two mainland plants.

11 Feb 1999 - 12:00am

Yanjing Brewery profit surges

Pre-tax profit of Shenzhen-listed A share Yanjing Brewery, owned by red chip Beijing Enterprises, rose 45.6 per cent last year from a year ago, the Beijing Daily said. Beer sales jumped 25 per cent to 733,000 tonnes last year. 'Our output and pre-tax profit both rank the top in the field,' a spokesman said.

11 Feb 1998 - 12:00am