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It wouldn't be a good idea to start munching the potted cactus on your windowsill - even if you were immune to its sharp spines, not all varieties of the plant are edible.

Sunday, 16 March, 2008, 12:00am

In Brief

Endangered species warning

21 Dec 2007 - 12:00am

Back to nature

In densely populated cities such as Hong Kong, it is still possible to find room for plants in the home, either in the lounge or dining-room. According to fung shui, it is not advisable to place plants in a bedroom as they compete with the occupants for oxygen. If you have plants in your bedroom, it is likely you will wake up feeling lethargic, even after considerable periods of rest.

11 Sep 2005 - 12:00am

Ghost busters

Given their preference for poor growing conditions and their design versatility, cacti are the perfect plants for busy Hongkongers, according to botanist Kenny Chan Hing-yeung of Greenfingers Florist in Central.

5 Aug 2005 - 12:00am