Canada Country Report

Trade brings two countries closer

Ottawa has a strong people-to-people bond with Beijing, as more than 1.4 million Canadians are of Chinese ethnic origin. Photo: Bloomberg

Canada's trade and economic relationship with China has changed significantly over the past decade, with both countries keen to expand the range of products and investments needed to satisfy their evolving markets.

Monday, 24 February, 2014, 4:38pm

Where wild beauty meets city culture

Banff National Park is a prime hiking destination. Photo: Thinkstock

For many visitors, especially those coming directly from China's smoggy cities, Canada is literally a breath of fresh air. From the snowy peaks of British Columbia and the vast central plains to the thousand islands of Lake Ontario and the wild coasts of Newfoundland, Canada offers overseas visitors nature at its best.

24 Feb 2014 - 4:32pm

Chinese immigrants have long been a part of nation's history

Chinese arrived in Canada more than 200 years ago. Photo: Xinhua

Although many are familiar with recent migration patterns from the mainland and Hong Kong to Canada, the history of Chinese migration to the country goes back more than 200 years. The recent cancellation of the Immigrant Investor Programme, which more than 30,000 Hongkongers have used, is raising questions about access to Canada. About 67,000 mainlanders have also entered under the programme, according to reports in the South China Morning Post earlier this month.

24 Feb 2014 - 4:19pm

Cenovus Energy: A next generation oil sands producer

Ten oil sands phases have been developed at the Foster Creek and Christina Lake projects.

With the world's third-largest oil reserves, cutting-edge expertise and a stable political and economic system, Canada is emerging as one of Asia's best options for long-term energy security. Ninety-seven per cent of the country's recoverable oil is located in a distinctive deposit known as the oil sands.

24 Feb 2014 - 4:11pm

Technological innovation unlocks promise of resource

Brian Ferguson, president and CEO

With its strong focus on innovation and technology, Cenovus Energy has been a pioneer in Canada's in-situ oil sands industry. "In situ" is Latin for "in place". Instead of using trucks and excavators to mine the country's vast oil sands deposits, in-situ producers use advanced drilling methods to recover oil from deep underground. Cenovus was the first in the industry to commercialise steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) in 2001, which has become the dominant form of oil sands drilling technology.

24 Feb 2014 - 4:09pm

Future Electronics invests in Asia for long-term success

Lindsley Ruth, executive vice-president

A vibrant and often volatile industry such as electronics calls for equally dynamic companies whose vision and expertise help shape the future. With the Pacific Rim expected to become the world's largest electronics market in consumption, Future Electronics is taking a leading role in electronic component distribution by combining innovation and the relentless pursuit of quality service.

24 Feb 2014 - 4:06pm

Bombardier propels towards Asia with aerospace innovations

Michael McAdoo, vice-president for strategy and international business development

Nothing says "business mobility" better than a Learjet, the aircraft that shaped the business jet industry with its streamlined form, advanced features and unparalleled performance. Fifty years into service, the brand has become even more iconic, transporting world leaders and achievers more quickly, productively and safely - thanks to Bombardier Aerospace, the name behind the modern Learjet family.

24 Feb 2014 - 4:02pm

Global Container Terminals: Bigger gateway to more destinations

Stephen Edwards, president and CEO

In a world that expects instantaneous delivery, no company is better prepared to keep pace than Global Container Terminals (GCT). Determined to provide the fastest sea-to-land turnaround time, GCT stays ahead of industry demand by making customer service, productivity and efficiency its top priorities.

24 Feb 2014 - 4:00pm

World-renowned consultants key to SRK's 40-year success

Dr James Siddorn, vice-president

When asked what makes SRK Consulting so successful, Dr James Siddorn says confidently, "Our people." Considering the company is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Siddorn's answer is a believable one. He is referring to SRK's world-renowned consultants. And he should know - he is one of them.

24 Feb 2014 - 3:58pm

Olymel takes on China's growing fresh pork market

Richard Davies, Executive vice-president for sales and marketing

With its abundant space and supply of water and grain, Canada is fast-becoming one of the world's breadbaskets. Olymel combines this bounty with technology, efficiency and strict quality controls to emerge as one of the leading suppliers of meat products worldwide.

24 Feb 2014 - 3:56pm

Lower medicine costs at higher pharmaceutical standards

Luciano Calenti, president

Providing greater access to quality yet affordable health care has become a necessity to nations worldwide. Rising to the challenge in the pharmaceutical segment, Canadian company ACIC Group positions itself as a trusted partner that can help companies widen their reach and provide economical solutions to health care concerns.

24 Feb 2014 - 3:51pm

Hibar advances automation in key global industries

Iain McColl, president and CEO

The long-term prospect for growth in industrial automation remains strong globally. Hibar Systems continues to innovate, enabling the world's leading blue chip, multinational companies to increase their manufacturing competitiveness. With strong annual growth, Asia is seeing a significant demand for industrial automation technologies, and the Canadian technology powerhouse looks to bring more of its expertise into the region, particularly in China.

24 Feb 2014 - 3:50pm

Blixitt's biochemical solutions refresh wastewater systems throughout Asia

Marcus Paul, president

As urban establishments, such as hotels and restaurants, mushroom throughout Asia, municipal wastewater treatment systems struggle to keep up. Expensive to maintain and repair, these systems can pose significant public health hazards when breakdowns are unattended. Blixitt brings cost-effective and efficient biochemical solutions for wastewater treatment to Asia, as it has successfully done in Canada and the United States.

27 May 2014 - 11:28am

Solace middleware appliances simplify big data distribution

Solace is the leading supplier of messaging middleware appliances.

To seize the opportunities presented by big data, cloud computing or the "Internet of Things", a company must be ready to efficiently manage very large amounts of information. Leading messaging middleware appliance maker Solace Systems simplifies the movement of data across distributed applications, sensor networks, mobile devices and all kinds of enterprise information technology (IT) systems.

24 Feb 2014 - 3:46pm

Living Realty opens opportunities for Asian investors

Stephen Wong, Founder and Chairman of Living Realty

Canada remains a popular destination for real estate investments among corporate and individual Asian investors. Chinese immigrants, in particular, understand the value of Canadian real estate as long-term investments. With its founder's roots in Hong Kong, Living Realty has served as a bridge between Asian investors and the Canadian property market for more than 33 years.

24 Feb 2014 - 3:40pm