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Cecil Chao

Born in 1936, Cecil Chao Sze-tsung is a Hong Kong based real estate tycoon and chairman of HK-listed developer Cheuk Nang Holdings. Known for his flamboyant playboy lifestyle, Chao raised eyebrows the world over in September 2012 when he announced a HK$ 500 million bounty to look for a man who could win the heart of his daughter Gigi Chao, who is believed to be lesbian and have married her partner in a civil union overseas. 

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Tuesday, 12 March, 2013, 3:36pm

Cecil Chao paves way for Gigi to take over Cheuk Nang despite lesbian wedding row

Tycoon Cecil Chao Sze-tsung has launched a succession plan that will allow his daughter, Gigi Chao, to take the helm of the family property company Cheuk Nang.

6 Aug 2014 - 8:35am 4 comments

My daughter's lesbian partner is not welcome in this family, says Gigi Chao's father as he withdraws 'dowry' offer

The deal is off. For the time being. Cecil Chao Sze-tsung has rescinded his HK$1 billion proposal to find his daughter a good husband, but insists Gigi’s lesbian partner will never be part of the family.

After announcing last week that he was doubling the original deal for HK$500 million, the property tycoon told CNN Television on Thursday that he was retracting the offer.

31 Jan 2014 - 4:46pm 23 comments

Gigi Chao issues open letter to father Cecil Chao to accept partner Sean Eav

Lesbian socialite Gigi Chao has issued a public plea to her property tycoon father Cecil Chao Sze-tsung, urging him to accept her as she is and treat her gay partner as a "normal dignified human being".

29 Jan 2014 - 4:29am 10 comments

Dear Daddy, you must accept I’m a lesbian: Gigi Chao pens plea in open letter to tycoon father

Hong Kong socialite Gigi Chao was reluctantly thrown into the spotlight when her tycoon father Cecil Chao Sze-tsung declared his refusal to accept she was a lesbian by issuing a HK$500 million ‘dowry’ to a man that could marry her. Now she has written a poignant open letter to him after he doubled his offer last week.

29 Jan 2014 - 9:48am 52 comments

Money still can't buy my love, says Gigi Chao after tycoon father doubles 'dowry' to HK$1b

Even a billion dollars would not be enough to find a man that Gigi Chao, the lesbian daughter of property tycoon Cecil Chao Sze-tsung, would be willing to marry.

27 Jan 2014 - 10:38pm 59 comments

Two Danish comics to write Sacha Baron Cohen's film of Gigi Chao's story

Comedians Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam are reported to have signed up for the Hollywood film loosely inspired by Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao Sze-tsung's HK$500 million bounty to woo and wed his lesbian daughter, Gigi.

10 May 2013 - 11:20am 1 comment

Gigi Chao, partner and dad attend Dirty Dancing show … separately

Gigi Chao and her father may have different opinions about how she lives her life, but that did not deter them from enjoying a night at the theatre under the same roof last night.

21 Apr 2013 - 8:00am

Gigi Chao - reluctant celebrity

Wealthy people are definitely different. Not content with having her father publicly “out” her and drag her through the world’s press by offering a HK$500 million bounty for a husband to make her straight, lesbian Gigi Chao has now given a full sit-down talk to Hong Kong Tatler.

11 Jul 2013 - 4:07pm 3 comments

Cecil Chao’s 15 minutes of fame continues with Gigi pledge renewal

I don’t suppose any Hong Kong person seriously thought Cecil Chao, wealthy playboy of the parish and brother of shipping tycoon George, would ever become an international media star. But as Andy Warhol famously said, everyone can be famous for 15 minutes.

31 Jan 2013 - 10:49am