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City kids: what they might lose and what they can gain

Bringing up three young and energetic children in North Point has its challenges.

Sunday, 17 February, 2013, 4:29pm

Up close and personal: a world of difference

As a white-haired grandfather, I often ponder my happy childhood when I customarily sported a grubby face and scratched knees. I have one younger sister, who was a bit of a tomboy, and we had the free run of a large builder's yard adjacent to our house. There was also a flower garden, a vegetable garden and a paddock on which our horses grazed.

6 Jan 2013 - 3:13pm

How to grab the bully by the horns

Young children's friends are the people they play with most. These children become familiar and predictable. Later, by four years of age, children start to select friends who match their developmental skills, their activity levels and their temperament. This is the beginning of true reciprocal friendship.

11 Nov 2012 - 9:57am

All slings considered

When Naomi Tempany moved to Hong Kong three months ago, she struggled to explore the city with three children in tow and a baby in a stroller.

After a particularly frustrating MTR journey, she found a more convenient way of getting around town with her young family.

4 Nov 2012 - 10:07am

Dealing With Kids And Tantrums

There are so many negative nicknames these days in Hong Kong - for both parents and children. There are tiger mums, but also helicopter parents, eagle fathers, and monster parents. 

28 Oct 2012 - 3:25pm

How to toughen children up

Six-year-old Markus Tsui knows the consequences when he throws a tantrum, or is rude to others: he will have to sit in a corner, opposite a wall pinned with a list of all his recent infractions.

14 Oct 2012 - 1:00pm 1 comment

Relationships: how to stop siblings fighting

My two sons, aged seven and nine, don't get along. They seem to find something to fight about on a daily basis. It's exhausting. I've tried scolding them, shouting at them. I don't know whether I should spank them, as my parents did me. Any advice?

Siblings often don't get on. You've managed to exercise restraint so far; shouting and smacking children won't solve it.

30 Sep 2012 - 3:16pm

Socialising is a problem for kindergarten pupils, poll says

Three-quarters of parents believe their kindergarten children are struggling to get on with their peers, a survey found, prompting calls for the government to do more to help young children's development.

24 Sep 2012 - 4:07am

Relationships: Boundaries vital for children's growth

Tessa and Julian are having trouble with their three children. "I feel constantly exhausted," says Tessa. "I've been trying to get my children to listen to me, but everything is a battle and I end up giving in."

23 Sep 2012 - 10:20am

The other side of parenting extremes

Jane Luu is definitely not a tiger mum. As the only female winner of the Shaw Prize, the American-Vietnamese astronomer is every Asian parent's dream.

20 Sep 2012 - 3:56am 3 comments