China Economic Stimulus Program

Experts warn on latest China stimulus package

A balancing act in Changsha. The city has launched a massive, costly infrastructure programme. Photo: Bloomberg

The mainland's latest economic stimulus measures have exacerbated the already heavily laden balance sheets of provincial governments by encouraging them to take on more debt for infrastructure projects.

Friday, 8 May, 2015, 9:46am

Spending spree begins - but don't expect 'big bang'

Mainland provincial and city leaders have laid out ambitious spending plans, reigniting speculation that a stimulus package similar to the programme launched during the 2008 global recession may be on the way.

15 Aug 2012 - 11:11pm

Beijing plans stimulus for target sectors

Beijing has pledged to support seven new strategic industries, including renewable energy, and kick-start 20 major projects as it moves to counter a sharp slowdown in economic growth.

31 May 2012 - 12:00am

Transport projects to hit rough patch

In a sign that the country's stimulus programme may have been too aggressive, the Ministry of Transport admitted the transport infrastructure construction programme faced 'funding shortages', while the shipping industry must cope with 'extreme overcapacity'.

28 Oct 2011 - 12:00am

Huiyin sees electronics sales soar in holiday week

Huiyin Household Appliances (Holdings), a mainland electronics retail chain operator and distributor, said its sales increased nearly 75 per cent in the first three days of the National Day holiday compared with the same period last year.

5 Oct 2011 - 12:00am

Optimists and pessimists both wrong on China

Depending which view you ascribe to, the failure of Premier Wen Jiabao to announce a major new economic stimulus programme last week was either promising news or a decidedly ominous sign.

9 Mar 2009 - 12:00am

White elephant projects a waste of stimulus cash

A senior central government official's estimate that 20 million migrant workers have returned to the countryside after losing their jobs in the cities underscores Beijing's concern about the impact of the global slowdown on the mainland's rural economy. The figure is twice the initial estimates, and officials say it could get worse.

3 Feb 2009 - 12:00am

Local authorities unveil 10tr yuan stimulus plans

The mainland's local governments rolled out investment projects reportedly worth 10 trillion yuan (HK$11.3 trillion) last week in response to Beijing's efforts to spend the country's economy out of a slowdown.

However, economists said it remained to be seen whether all the spending was new and would be effective.

24 Nov 2008 - 12:00am

Spending will offset falling external demand

The mainland's massive economic stimulus package would rouse the country's slowing economy by offsetting flagging external demand brought on by the global financial crisis, analysts said yesterday.

11 Nov 2008 - 12:00am