Chinese factories

Cheap labour not the only driver of factories' flight from China

Chinese production lines are feeling the heat from rivals in nations such as Bangladesh, which some say offers better quality. Photo: AFP

Foreign buyers are fleeing China for Bangladesh, Cambodia and Indonesia not just for cheaper labour but also because of rising tensions between the workers and their employers, in some cases because of poor corporate social responsibility on the part of the companies.

Tuesday, 25 February, 2014, 5:19am 1 comment

Economic data from China and Europe raises concern

New orders and production are falling at Chinese factories. Photo: Reuters

Downbeat surveys of economic activity in China and parts of Europe highlighted the fragility of the global recovery and raised concerns about the withdrawal of monetary stimulus.

21 Feb 2014 - 4:32am 4 comments

Loading up on hours suits many workers

For unskilled workers, poor alternatives away from the factories mean a steady job at an assembly line remains attractive. Photo: Xinhua

A report by the Fair Labour Association, which looked into practices at Foxconn Technology Group, said the manufacturer was facing challenges in adapting its work arrangements to the shorter hours required under labour laws.

31 May 2013 - 3:49am

Growth slows for China's manufacturers, PMI shows

Growth slows for manufacturers in weak recovery

Beijing may be prompted to roll out more pro-growth steps but drastic stimulus plans seem unlikely. Mainland political leaders said at a recent Politburo meeting that they saw a need to "strengthen the momentum of economic growth", but cautioned against financial risks.

3 May 2013 - 4:22am

Fall in China PMI fuels pessimism

Mainland factories have been losing momentum. Photo: AFP

The sustainability of the mainland's economic recovery is in doubt after the official purchasing managers' index revealed a slowdown in the growth of manufacturing last month as new orders weakened.

2 May 2013 - 2:35am

Whiff of wishful thinking about stories of onshoring

Whiff of wishful thinking about stories of onshoring

Like most businesses selling low-cost plastic items, the American company's executives considered manufacturing in China. But moulding problems, shipping costs and extended delivery times prompted them to think again. According to media reports, they decided it was worth paying an extra 5 to 10 per cent in manufacturing costs to make Orapups in the US.

5 Apr 2013 - 5:10am 3 comments

Tailoring to China buyers

The scenic allure of Lake Como and other regions of Italy have attracted buyers from China and all over the world.

It has been estimated that there are now about 4,000 Chinese-run clothing factories established in Prato, traditional Tuscan stronghold of the Italian textile industry and, as businesses come, they need housing.

27 Feb 2013 - 5:04am

China factory output rises to 2-year high

The mainland's strong growth in manufacturing is seen as likely to be supported by favourable domestic liquidity conditions. Photo: AP

Mainland manufacturing activity grew this month at the fastest pace in two years, a private survey has indicated.

25 Jan 2013 - 3:29am

1,000 workers hold managers hostage in Shanghai labour row

1,000 workers hold managers hostage in Shanghai labour row

More than 1,000 furious migrant workers besieged a factory in Shanghai and held 18 Japanese and Chinese managers against their will for more than a day, after the workers were required to abide by unequal regulations.

21 Jan 2013 - 2:12pm

Profit gains continue at mainland factories

Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology. Photo: SCMP

Profits continued to grow at mainland manufacturers last month on the back of lower raw material prices and following Beijing's approval of more infrastructure investment projects, a move aimed at spurring the economy by offsetting weaker export growth.

28 Dec 2012 - 4:14am

Apple in drive against excessive overtime at Chinese factories

A group of touts gather outside an Apple store offering other iPhone models on the first day of release for the iPhone 5 in Beijing. Photo: EPA

Apple, the world's biggest technology company, has started monitoring weekly data on the working hours of more than one million employees in its production supply chain, which is largely located in China.

20 Dec 2012 - 7:28am

Grim fate of migrant workers maimed in China's 'black factories'

Liang Jun (left), a printing worker, and Li Jiangping, an air-conditioner mechanic, were injured on the job in Foshan. Photo: K.Y. Cheng

Ou Changqun's right arm remains crooked after seven operations to reattach her forearm, which was torn off by a steel-spring punching machine two years ago.

21 Nov 2012 - 3:47am 2 comments

Should some of China's carbon emissions be attributed to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong could help reduce mainland emissions. Photo Bloomberg

Should Hong Kong share some responsibility for the mainland's CO2 emissions?

18 Nov 2012 - 4:37am

Strong yuan will force closure of Dongguan plants

More than 20 per cent of the factories in already hard-hit Dongguan will be forced out of business by the yuan's appreciation, which made their products less competitive than their international rivals, said an industry leader.

8 May 2015 - 9:46am

Chinese factories bouncing back, positive PMI shows

The mainland's manufacturing sector has shown signs of recovery.

The mainland's manufacturing sector has shown signs of recovery, helped by new orders, raising hopes of a rebound in economic growth in the fourth quarter.

2 Nov 2012 - 7:46am