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  • Sep 18, 2014
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Chinese parliamentary sessions 2014

The annual Chinese "lianghui" of 2014, or plenary meetings of China's top legislative and consultative bodies, the National People's Congress and the National People's Consultative Conference, will take place in Beijing in early to mid-March. The NPC sessions are scheduled to begin on March 5, and the CPPCC meetings to commence on March 3. 

Smog hangs heavy over assembly

Members of the mainland's top political advisory body braved the choking smog that returned to Beijing yesterday as the first of the two annual political assemblies in the capital this week got under way.

Tuesday, 4 March, 2014, 6:07pm 1 comment

HK delegates eye greater links with motherland

Two Hong Kong delegates to the national legislature say Beijing should give greater attention to local affairs, with a former security chief calling on the mainland's civil service to hire young people from the city.

4 Mar 2014 - 6:07pm

Government must leave the tea lady out of the fight on graft

A crackdown on wasteful spending and extravagance by officials meets the ultimate test of credibility when taxpayers are footing the bill for showpiece VIP occasions.

4 Mar 2014 - 4:32am 1 comment

China's NPC meeting of little or no consequence

The annual sessions of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference are taking place this week. Chinese internet users wryly noted that many of the delegates attending had rushed back to Beijing from different parts of the world in order to take part.

4 Mar 2014 - 12:41am

Big defence spender US has no right to criticise China military budget, says admiral

A top military official and member of China’s top consultative body says the United States has no right to criticise China’s defence spending as America’s own budget dwarfs that of the world’s No 2 economy.

3 Mar 2014 - 3:36pm

Beijing still struggles to make voice heard through Sina Weibo

While the number of verified government accounts on Sina Weibo, the country's most popular microblog service, has grown steadily over the past few years, it remains to be seen how effective they are in influencing public opinion.

3 Mar 2014 - 4:38am

Local NPC delegates take stock after first year

A year after being elected to the National People's Congress, local deputy Brave Chan Yung has a short list of achievements. The 44-year-old social worker said that while he was pleased that mainland authorities seemed to be paying attention to the development of social services there, he was dissatisfied with the paltry progress in ending a monopoly that has pushed up meat prices.

1 Mar 2014 - 3:59am

Tensions with mainland run high ahead of NPC meeting in Beijing

Some Hongkongers worry that growing tensions between city residents and mainlanders, as well as pro-democracy activists, could ruin any chance that Beijing will give the city a voice in 2017

1 Mar 2014 - 9:24am 3 comments

PLA spending likely to slow as economy stalls, analysts say

Li Jie, a researcher at the PLA Navy's Military Academy, estimated the defence budget, expected to be announced by the National People's Congress on Wednesday, would show a slower rate of growth compared to the past few years.

1 Mar 2014 - 2:33am 2 comments

Conference austerity police put a new twist on 'personalised' bottled water

Beijing has ratcheted up its campaign against waste and extravagant spending by government officials ahead of the annual parliamentary sessions next week, ordering luxurious dishes to be dropped from the menu and bottled water to be tagged with the names of delegates, the Beijing Times reported yesterday.

28 Feb 2014 - 12:29pm 1 comment