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Making noise - the intrinsic protest of rock bands in Beijing

Bedstars play at Mao Livehouse. Photo: Jasper James

If there is a Brooklyn in Beijing, it is the Gulou district. Funky western-style coffee shops line the teeming main road, alongside the street stalls, the construction works, the scattering of dive bars tucked away behind the hot pot restaurants.

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Rise of the red rock gods

Red Rock: The Long Strange March of Chinese Rock & Roll by Jon Campbell Earnshaw Books

One of the peculiarities of Chinese rock'n'roll is that it has an exact birthdate: May 9, 1986, was the day Cui Jian, the mainland's 'godfather of rock', performed the song Nothing to My Name as part of a concert broadcast on TV.

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Capital gains

Beijing has long been the Cinderella of mainland cities when it comes to foreign bands touring Asia. Despite being home to the most varied and vibrant live music scene on the mainland, Beijing's rock fans have grown used to international acts bypassing the capital in favour of Hong Kong and Shanghai.

23 Aug 2007 - 12:00am

Mainland music 'is all about business'

Cui Jian, the so-called father of Chinese rock, says music on the mainland has become a well-structured business providing a livelihood for thousands of people.

At a screening of the Independent Short Film and Video Awards on Monday night, Cui (right) said mainland music now relied on packaging, promotion and sales and was no longer made simply to be appreciated.

24 Mar 2007 - 12:00am

Godfather of Chinese rock finds reel deal

The godfather of Chinese rock is now an apprentice filmmaker. Cui Jian made his directing debut at an Independent Short Film and Video Awards (IFVA) screening on Monday with the provocative video Age of Repairing Hymen. It's about how Chinese perceptions of the intimate women's part have changed through history.

21 Mar 2007 - 12:00am

Rocker fades in Faye's shadow

Former Black Panther lead singer Dou Wei is in danger of being remembered not as one of the founders of rock music in China, but as the out-of-control ex-husband of pop diva Faye Wong.

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CUI JIAN IS used to controversy: the godfather of Chinese rock has courted enough of it since he sprang to fame 20 years ago with his debut single, I Have Nothing.

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Who Is Cui Jian!?

Who Is Cui Jian!?

Various Artists

(Scream Records)

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Experimenting With Media

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