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Clinical Psychologist

Psychologists say quacks are posing as counsellors

Impostors are passing themselves off as psychologists and the government is doing nothing to stop them, advocates for the profession warn.

Sunday, 3 February, 2013, 7:01am 3 comments

Don't take it lying down

If you are being ostracised at the office, ridiculed by colleagues and are feeling downtrodden as a result, here are some ways to free yourself from workplace bullying:

Find out what has gone wrong

5 Nov 2010 - 12:00am

A passion for the mind

After working for the MTR Corporation (MTRC) as a management trainee, Kathleen Kwok Pik-san entered the profession where her passion lies - clinical psychology. She works for Chinese University's Hong Kong Eating Disorders Centre and Hong Kong Mood Disorders Centre. She has been providing psychotherapy for nearly 10 years and says she benefits from interaction with patients.

24 Sep 2010 - 12:00am

Countdown to destruction

Self-sabotage isn't limited to careers. It can occur in many aspects of our lives, including relationships, and have devastating effects.

People who have been hurt sometimes self-sabotage relationships as a way of protecting themselves from rejection.

11 Mar 2006 - 12:00am

Rational thinking

Keeping emotions under control is the key to success for psychologist

Young Post: What does a clinical psychologist do?

26 Mar 2004 - 12:00am

'Safe' the word in sex debate

Learning to be responsible in an intimate relationship, and being able to say 'no' when your better judgment says 'don't' are of prime importance to young people, a behaviour expert says.

8 May 1996 - 12:00am