Coin Flipping

Humble coin toss will confound fight against football graft

Humble coin toss a match-fixer's dream. Photo: Reuters

How much is a coin toss worth? Can foolishly faking a frivolous flip and flick of a thin metallic disc prove financially tempting? You bet. Five years ago, the going rate was 100,000 yuan (HK$124,000).

Friday, 1 March, 2013, 4:53am

Home advantage for HK in Syria Davis Cup clash

Hong Kong heaved a sigh of relief after the toss of a coin decided next month's Davis Cup Asia/Oceania Zone Group Two tie against Syria will not be held in troubled Damascus.

Hong Kong called right and the relegation battle will be played at Victoria Park, a bonus for the home team who will be hoping to avoid demotion to Group Three next year.

3 Jun 2011 - 12:00am

Whyte can send fans home with a big smile

Jockey Challenge bettors can take part in an age-old Anzac Day tradition - and might as well flip the coins to determine the winner of what promises to be a close showdown between Hong Kong's two best riders.

It's called two-up in Australia, but here in Hong Kong Brett Prebble is heads at $1.70 and Douglas Whyte is tails at $3 in today's Challenge coin toss.

25 Apr 2011 - 12:00am

New coin

I VISITED Hong Kong recently and really enjoyed my stay.

However, I found the similarity between your $1 and $5 coins a little confusing, as they are close in size. The $5 coin is also somewhat heavy.

24 Jan 1996 - 12:00am

Give credit its due but beware the costly slip-up

HERE'S a scary thought: signing a charge card or credit card slip may not always be what it seems.

We know this from a hotel guest who noticed something very strange after staying at the Gold Coast Hotel, that weird place with palm trees on one side and container parks on the other.

21 Apr 1994 - 12:00am