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  • Jul 24, 2014
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Communist Party third plenum

The Chinese Communist Party's third plenum of the 18th Party Congress traditionally sets the economic tone for the Chinese government's next five-year term.

Communist Party pledges to improve judicial independence, transparency - to a point

The Communist Party has pledged to try to improve transparency of legal proceedings and finds ways to reduce the direct control of courts and prosecutions by local governments, according to the text of the third plenum's decisions released by Xinhua yesterday.

Saturday, 16 November, 2013, 11:04am 4 comments

Evening the odds between state and market

Even before the third plenum of the Communist Party, there was much public discussion about a greater role for the market against the continued dominance of the state in China's economy. According to the plenum communiqué, the market will be given a "decisive" role in the economy, although the state sector will remain dominant.

16 Nov 2013 - 7:30am 1 comment

One-child policy to be eased at long last after third plenum resolution

The Communist Party's central committee has responded to long-time calls to relax the one-child policy and to put an end to notorious labour camps.

16 Nov 2013 - 7:29am 7 comments

The Plenum: another leap of faith?

We could almost hear the sound of discontent when the curtain of the Plenum was finally drawn. The communiqué from the Plenum contains little detail on reform, but compensates with its lofty ideals. It touches briefly on the market’s decisive role in the economy, recognises the balance between the state and private sectors, as well as the importance of the constitution and the rule of law.

15 Nov 2013 - 3:04pm 1 comment

Party to flesh out reform promises by releasing full version of third plenum communiqué

Beijing is expected to release the full transcript of a key policy document signed off at the Communist Party's third plenum within a week after the meeting ended.

15 Nov 2013 - 4:07am 2 comments

Green experts cautious over environment stakeholder 'rights'

Environmental experts have expressed cautious optimism over the leadership's indication it will set a new price tag on environmental exploitation. But more details on the proposed mechanism were needed before it could be deemed a significant step forward, the experts said.

15 Nov 2013 - 4:15pm

Leaders remain undecided on property tax

The nation's top leaders had not reached a consensus on expanding pilot trials of property taxes in the near future, despite assertions made at the third plenum that fiscal and tax reforms would be accelerated, according to a senior researcher who has long been involved in the nation's reform planning.

15 Nov 2013 - 4:00am

Chinese fear a new KGB as Beijing sets up powerful national security body

China’s decision to set up a powerful national security committee has spurred deep fears in the country of society slipping further into a police state.

16 Nov 2013 - 2:59pm 5 comments

China stocks fall after party issues vague communiqué following plenum

Chinese stocks saw their steepest decline in nearly two months after a key Communist Party meeting failed to deliver bold and detailed reform plans to sustain the growth of the world's second-largest economy.

14 Nov 2013 - 4:31pm 1 comment

Analysts remain wary over efforts to reform China's state sector

Analysts remain sceptical that the new mainland leadership will take substantial steps to end the privileged market monopolies of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), despite the party's pledges to implement bold reform.

14 Nov 2013 - 1:00pm