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  • Dec 26, 2014
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Molester returns to clubhouse daily

A convicted child molester has returned to the clubhouse where he committed his crime on an almost daily basis since being released from prison late last month.

Sunday, 15 March, 2009, 12:00am

War is Halo

Get suited up and ready for battle to play Halo Wars, the highly anticipated action/real-time strategy game based on Microsoft's blockbuster Halo series.

The new title, produced exclusively for the Xbox 360, covers the early encounters between humans and a genocidal alliance of alien races known as the Covenant.

1 Feb 2009 - 12:00am

hype and glory

If there were ever any doubts video games are seriously big business, they were erased on September 25 with the unveiling of Halo 3, arguably the most anticipated release in gaming history.

28 Oct 2007 - 12:00am

Master Chief returns in brute force

Product: Halo 2 Price: $299 [regular], $328 [limited edition] Pros: 350,000 players are online each day Cons: Unable to customise online game

22 Nov 2004 - 12:00am

Developer loses landmark repair case

A developer yesterday lost a landmark court battle to force the owners and managers of a North Point office block to pay a $5 million repair bill.

The judgment by the Court of First Instance is likely to have an impact on disputes between flat owners and developers.

6 Oct 1999 - 12:00am

Paper and practice

A signature on a piece of paper is not significant in itself. It is how faithfully the signatory follows the pledges set out in the document which makes a difference. The changes which must take place in China before the edicts of the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) are enshrined into the country's domestic life are extensive and profound.

6 Oct 1998 - 12:00am

Two-year grace ruled out

Director of Lands Bob Pope yesterday dismissed proposals to extend the development period despite calls from developers for an additional two years to build properties.

Mr Pope said there was no immediate need to change the building covenants because most developers complied with requirements to complete their projects within the specified period.

24 Sep 1998 - 12:00am

Spirit of the law

It is depressing how the Security Bureau's instinctive reaction to every court defeat over the detention of Vietnamese is to try to change the law to suit its purpose.

16 Oct 1997 - 12:00am

Solicitor's contract clause unreasonable

SOLICITOR Mr John Edwards was not bound by a clause that restricted him from dealing with clients from his previous firm for five years in a world-wide ban, the High Court ruled yesterday.

Mr Justice Jones held that both the length and area of the ban were unreasonable and therefore void.

3 Apr 1993 - 12:00am