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Manila boosts military to resist ‘bullies’ as ties with Beijing sour

President Aquino vowed to defend Philippine sovereignty. Photo: Reuters

Philippine President Benigno Aquino has announced a US$1.8-billion military upgrade to help defend his country's maritime territory against "bullies", amid a worsening dispute with China.

Wednesday, 22 May, 2013, 1:45am 9 comments

Gleanings from China's defence budget

It is revealed for the first time that the personnel size of the People's Liberation Army in total is nearly 1.5 million.

China's defence budgets and white papers usually prompt questions about transparency, which begs the question of how much foreign analysts already know about force disposition, strength, equipment and command. Nonetheless the perception of opacity is part of the background to a regional landscape which, in the words of China's latest defence white paper, is undergoing profound changes as the US adjusts its Asia-Pacific security strategy.

21 Apr 2013 - 4:56am

Defence budget needs more transparency

Defence budget needs more transparency

The mainland's rapid economic growth and rising wealth have driven increases in military spending. Now that the economic growth rate has slipped back into single digits, with 7.5 per cent targeted this year, another double-digit rise in defence spending is bound to raise questions about Beijing's intentions.

8 Mar 2013 - 3:48am

'China threat' seen as factor as PLA budget growth dips

Members of a military band prepare to perform at the opening session of the National People's Congress yesterday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Photo: AFP

Beijing announced another double-digit rise in its defence budget yesterday but the pace of growth will be down slightly on last year. The budget report, released yesterday for review at the annual session of the National People's Congress (NPC), said military expenditure would rise by 10.7 per cent to 720 billion yuan (HK$888 billion) this year.


6 Mar 2013 - 4:57am

Talking points

Martha Karua

Kenyans head to the polls for the first time since a new constitution was passed in 2010 to reform the political system and ease ethnic divides. Leading the race of eight presidential candidates are Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, the sons of Kenya's first post-independence president and vice-president respectively. 

4 Mar 2013 - 3:27am

Pentagon's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter flies in the face of deadlines, budget

The F-35 project has 1,300 suppliers in 45 US states, supporting 133,000 jobs, and more in nine other countries. Photo: Reuters

At almost US$400 billion, it is the most expensive weapons system in American history. It is also the defence project too big to kill.

25 Feb 2013 - 6:10am

Japan hikes defence spending in record US$1tr budget

Japan's Finance Minister Taro Aso speaks in Tokyo. Photo: AFP

Japan’s cabinet endorsed on Tuesday a record US$1 trillion budget aimed at buoying growth through more public works spending while raising defence outlays to counter tensions with China.

29 Jan 2013 - 9:01pm 1 comment

China leads a surge in Asian military spending, US report says

China now ranks second behind the US in total military spending.

Military spending by Asia's major powers increased dramatically over the past decade, according to a study, with China leading the way as its defence budget quadrupled since 2000.

17 Oct 2012 - 4:52am

China leads rise in Asia military spending

China’s total defence budget grew from US$22.5 billion to US$89.9 billion over the last 10 years. Photo: AFP

Military spending by Asia’s major powers increased dramatically over the past decade with China leading the way, as its defence budget quadrupled since 2000, according to a study.

29 Aug 2013 - 4:13am

EADS and BAE Systems call off merger plan to form aerospace giant

EADS and BAE Systems call off merger plan to form aerospace giant

European Aeronautic, Defence & Space and BAE Systems abandoned their planned merger amid government resistance, leaving in tatters their aspiration to create the world's largest aerospace and defence company.

11 Oct 2012 - 3:03am