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  • Sep 16, 2014
  • Updated: 3:33pm

Exchange-Traded Funds

Taiwan to let investors trade in mainland China stocks via ETFs this year

Taiwan will launch an exchange-traded fund platform for investors to trade in stocks on mainland China’s exchanges this year, the chairman of Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission said in a statement to lawmakers on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 12 March, 2014, 3:45pm

Gold falls as Soros and BlackRock cut investments

Gold dropped to the lowest in almost a month as filings showed that George Soros and BlackRock cut holdings of bullion-backed exchange-traded products, adding to signs that investment demand is waning as US equities rally to records.

17 May 2013 - 4:06am

With fees, a little understanding goes a long way

Fees are central to investing, but they are also much misunderstood. They are split into many categories, and disclosure varies from fund to fund.

Managed funds

Managed funds are unlisted unit trusts. They are the standard mutual funds you see in banks.

29 Apr 2013 - 3:59am

What will the banks sell in 2013

The new year has arrived and times are changing. There is less gloom about the euro zone, the United States steered clear of its fiscal cliff and the mainland economy seems to be spluttering back into shape. This has implications for investors.

7 Jan 2013 - 4:31am

HKEx links up with Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges

A joint venture of the stock exchanges of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen will launch three indices in the next two months to track cross-border stocks.

China Exchanges Services, the HK$300 million venture equally owned by the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, was officially set up yesterday.

31 Oct 2012 - 2:30am

Asian ETF market poised for 'explosive growth'

The market for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in Asia has grown rapidly since the start of the year. ETF providers say Asia has experienced faster growth than other mature markets, such as the United States and Europe.

17 Sep 2012 - 8:48am

Phenomenal growth in ETFs poised to continue

At a time when other investment products are shadowed by doubt or offering less than stellar returns, the rise in popularity of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) ) has been almost unstoppable.

17 Sep 2012 - 8:49am

Physical ETFs are cheaper and more transparent

This is a story about exchange traded funds (ETFs). But before you flee the Money pages, fearing a jargon-filled article that knocks you out with technicalities, please hang on and consider a few facts.

17 Sep 2012 - 3:33am

First A-share ETF gets a lukewarm response in HK

The first A-share exchange-traded fund attracted only 103.37 million yuan (HK$125.78 million) of trading in its debut on the Hong Kong stock exchange - a disappointing result that brokers blamed on the poorly performing mainland stock markets and difficulties in obtaining yuan.

18 Jul 2012 - 12:00am

SFC studying applications for three more yuan ETFs

The Securities and Futures Commission is in the process of approving three more yuan-denominated exchange traded funds (ETFs) that will allow Hong Kong investors to bet on mainland stocks.

Just two weeks ago, the regulator approved the first yuan ETF, a five billion yuan (HK$6.07 billion) fund issued by China Asset Management (CAM).

16 Jul 2012 - 12:00am