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  • Sep 17, 2014
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Family Planning

Too little, too late? China takes small step in relaxing one-child policy

China has relaxed its one-child policy to allow couples to have a second baby if either parent is an only child, Chinese financial media company reported on its website, Caixin.com. Details will be released after the third plenary session.

Thursday, 14 November, 2013, 9:48pm 4 comments

Women's control of their own wombs the first step to health

In development, there are lots of statistics. Every once in a while, a number jumps out at you because it expresses a complicated truth in simple terms. Here's one that jumped out at me: 20 per cent. That's how much more likely it is that a child will survive when the family's budget is controlled by the mother.

29 May 2013 - 6:16am

Rakhine state Rohingya face two-child limit on family size

Authorities in Myanmar's western Rakhine state have introduced a two-child limit for Muslim Rohingya families, in an effort to ease tensions with the Rohingya's Buddhist neighbours after a spate of deadly sectarian violence, an official said.

26 May 2013 - 7:15am

Critic of one-child policy in from cold

Yi Fuxian was trained as a clinic medicine specialist before obtaining a PhD in medicine in the United States, but the Hunan native is better known as a staunch critic of the mainland's one-child policy, or family planning as authorities prefer to call it. 

28 Apr 2013 - 7:32am

Hubei woman dies after forced sterilisation

A 42-year-old woman in China’s Hubei province died last month after being forced to endure a sterilisation procedure, said Chinese media reports.

9 Apr 2013 - 4:11pm 1 comment

New realities drive population policy, experts say

The decision to dissolve the National Population and Family Planning Commission demonstrates changing attitudes about population control after nearly a half of century of successful - if often brutal - efforts to control the mainland's birth rate, population experts said.

11 Mar 2013 - 6:06am

Odd proposals from the NPC and CPPCC sessions

A Western-style swearing-in ceremony for new heads of state and a tightening up of the nation's family-planning policy for people with little education were two of the eye-popping proposals to come yesterday from National People's Congress (NPC) deputies and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). 

4 Mar 2013 - 5:42am

Xinhua: CPPCC official keeps a wife, four concubines, and six kids in his massive Liaoning estate

Xinhua gives in-depth coverage to the accusations, which first appeared anonymously online.

6 Feb 2013 - 8:13am

About time China grew out of the one-child policy

Mainland officials in charge of statistics are not known for flagging areas of concern when they meet the press at regular briefings and present the latest economic data. Instead, they always try to highlight positive numbers, while glossing over the disappointing figures.

21 Jan 2013 - 5:32am 2 comments

Fujian family planning official selling babies

While China considers changing its one-child policy, a family planning official in Fujian province has found herself a profitable side job: selling babies, China Youth Daily reported on Friday.

4 Jan 2013 - 11:36am